Baby afghan - FO

OK, love this forum, wanted to share a baby afghan I made last year. The pictures aren’t great, but hopefully it shows up OK.

BEAUTIFUL! That will be a real heirloom!

Absolutely fantastic :inlove:


Thanks, all. :muah: And I now have a new rule - no afghans with baby yarn… (it took [U]forever!![/U])

Beautiful :slight_smile:

That is so pretty!

That’s very lovely. What’s the pattern?

Thanks! I just kinda made up the pattern, which is what I like to do with afghans and scarves - pull together my favorite stitches and map them out on paper. I don’t think I saved my notes on this one. But thanks for asking!


That is beautiful.

Wow! That is very pretty!



:inlove: very pretty! You did a great job :thumbsup:

Wow!! It’s gorgeous!!! And you just made it up? I’m impressed!!

Have to confess I’m smitten with this afghan. It’s just so beautiful!
What a nice heirloom it is going to be… fantastic!


Beautiful! You did a good job mapping it out. I agree with you on the baby yarn for an afghan. You can do wonderful things with it, but do you want to. LOL Thanks for sharing your pictures.

I LOVE IT! :heart: A real treasure, for sure!!! :thumbsup:

I love it…

Beautiful!! cloud9