Baba's Papuchi Slippers

Has anyone knit these Baba’s Papuchi Slippers from I am a beginning knitter and confused about the pattern. Which part is knit on just 2 needles, back and forth and which part on 3 needles in the round? And when you change to 3 needles, it dosen’t tell you how to divide the stitches. Also, “decrease once again by knitting 2 top stitches together”. WHAT does that mean? Help please!! I am new to all this but very persistent. Don’t want to give up :shrug::wall:

Knit rows one and two on two needles as described (you can use normal straights in the same size if you prefer) until long enough. Then you switch to double points (she means 4 needles altogether, 3 needles in the knitting and one empty one in the hand, although you can do this on 5 altogether, 4 in the knitting, if you prefer) as per the pattern, after doing a row 1. You join the stitches into the round by knitting 2 together, as described. This site has videos of techniques if you need a visual.
It doesn’t matter how they go on the needles, just make it equivalent numbers on all the needles. 32 stitches so if you use 4 dpns altogether, 10 or 11 on each needle (not that 8 and 12 would be a big problem if you found it easier for some reason).
Check out the vid on k2tog as well if you need.

Thank you so much…I have been doing it right so far, but had lost all confidence…now I can knit on…thanks again.

Make sure you post pictures in the Finished Objects forum when it’s done! Can’t wait to see them! What colour are they going to be?

It may be a while before finished. I’m a pretty slow knitter. They are ecru. I’ll post a picture when finished.