I just picked up the UK’s ‘Knitting’ magazine, and it has [B]the[/B] cutest pattern I’ve ever seen in it - a Halloween mobile with little knitted witches and ghosties! I think I know what everyone will be getting this halloween… :yay:

And I took it to show the Rowan representative in our local John Lewis who I talk to a lot, and she said that she’d wanted to run a workshop for parents and their kids for Halloween puppets, but no-one seemed interested, and I think I’ve managed to convince her to run it for adults so my friends and I can go along :wink: She also said my hand-dyed yarns reminded her of a stall in Covent Garden, which is always good!

I also spent much of the day knitting in the pub, so a good knitting day all round. I saw Sheena again and she said she’d spoken to Ysolda last night and that she’s very flattered by the compliments :slight_smile:
Fi xxx

that sounds ADORABLE- and hooray for good knitting days!