Awesome yarn-awesome buying experience!

Hey guys,
just thought I would pass on a great review of!
On thursday I placed an order for 10 balls of Bella Colour in mint and the free pattern of the sleevless ribbed pullover. Needless to say today I got all of it! That’s only 3 business days!
The yarn is great if you haven’t seen it, it’s by plymouth yarns, and is only $2 a ball! they have tons of colors to choose from, and it’s nice and lightweight. I was a bit afraid when I first saw it that it would be splitty, but it’s not at all. It’s about half the weight of Microspun and what microspun would be like if it were woven together nicely. The fabric is knitting up nicely. the yarn takes on a bit more strength to it (tightens up) when knit, but is still nice and soft!:thumbsup:
I highly recommend this yarn, and will definately buy it again for my more summery knits! (just don’t clean them out, save some for me!:roflhard:)

Thanks for sharing!

so glad you wrote this review! i have been looking at this yarn and planning on buying enough to make a couple of baby blankets

I’m making the ‘tie dyed boxes’ top from the spring Knitters magazine with it. It looks like cool summer sherbet colors. I had bought some balls of it from my LYS but needed more so ordered from discontinued yarns 4 more balls and they sent a whole bags worth. Luckily the dye lots from both places were the same.