AWESOME tote bags!

DH & I had a date at Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana today…as always, Im thinking of my KH friends…

There was a separate section along the festival route for craft vendors…a lady was selling handmade totes & backpacks.

These totes are AWESOME! The COLORS! They are VERY sturdy and stand up by themselves! PLUS, they have 6 pockets lining the inside. Now…the BEST part… UNDER 30 BUCKS!!! And, she does custom work! And she ships!

All the bags she had there had zippers, which I dont like because they snag yarn. SO she can make them with these big, sturdy snaps. AND, we were talking about yarn-threading loops for the inside.

Here’s her contact info:
Joann Slawinski

I just thought Id better cross-post this to Buy/Sell/Swap in case…I really hope I can get this lady some business! She was SO nice!

Does she have a website, or just email? Company name? Anything searchable so we can look at the bags up close (i love your pics tho :slight_smile: )

I asked her about a website…she said she wouldnt be able to keep up with demand if she had a website…but, she will communicate via emailed pics…

REALLY, though…these are AWESOME

Those sound great!

Hmm…my birthday is coming up. Oh huuuuusband!!!

I just emailed Joann, and asked her to post a couple of pics of the “guts” of her bags, and a closeup or two…

Forgot to say…her company is called “Lazy Dog Designs” :rofling: With all the animal lovers here, she’ll fit right in!