AWESOME JOANN coupon...see details

I just received via email two coupons from JoAnn Fabric, 50% a single regular priced item Friday and 50% off email item on Saturday. It says I can “invite a friend” to become a JoAnn preferred customer. I am not sure if signing up through their website without the email link would automatically send you the coupons or not. However, I could send one person the invite…then maybe you get to invite too, so on and so on. PM me with your email address if you want me to send it to you. The form only allows me to enter one “friend” at a time, but I can check to see if the link still works after the first one.

Also the sale includes 50% off clearance, no coupon needed and 20% purchase today.

Only bummer with the coupon is that it excludes sewing machines and a couple other “bigger” items.

Happy Shopping :cheering:

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before…I looked at the link and it only requires your name and email. I don’t need to input anything, so I don’t think you have to receive an “invite” from me first.HERE is the link. Not sure if it will allow an unlimited amount of people to use it or not.

you can also go to and find all sorts of cool offers from various sites, including might wanna check that out too!!

also, has a bunch of codes too. I found this out from one of my customers at my p/t job last night…and it is true,…lol…they have a lot of the codes that we use there!

I’ve used the coupons from - they have them for joanns, michaels, and many other stores, when they’re available.

Thanks for the head’s up! This 50% coupon thing is how I got my new OTT floor lamp a few years ago! Yay! It’s really nice to use the 50% on something you’d never buy at full price!

thanks for the info

If you sign up on mailing list, they will often send you coupons.

Last week it was two 50% off coupon on a single priced item. :thumbsup:

This week is family and friends week. Save 25% off entire order (including sale and clearance items).
One coupon is for you and the other to give to a friend. Oh heck, I might just keep them both for myself. :teehee:

If you have a smartphone (at least iOS or Android; not sure about the others) the JoAnn’s app loads the coupons onto your phone and you can use them in the store that way.

I like that because I don’t go very often (none close to me) and usually end up there by chance and always without printing or clipping any coupons ahead of time.