Avoiding ladder look in socks

I;m having trouble avoiding the ladder look where needle 1 meets 2 aand 2 meets 3 etc.
have tried needleover the last needle used…have tried needle underlast needle used but still get the seamor ladder look…visible line where needles change.


I try to hold the needles together till several stitches are knit.

One thing to do is to always make sure the first stitch is a knit stitch. Are you ribbing?

Thanks for answering and No it’s not the ribbining that really shows the ladder look.
Think I have solved the problem and that is I tend to take the next needle to soon to hold it in my hand out of the way which in turn forces that needle away from making a neat round (example) working needles 1 and 3 after a few stitches I tend to gather needle 2 and rest it between thumb and finger.

Oh good, glad you fixed it. I need to take a picture of how I hold them because you’re not the first person to ask about this. :teehee: