Avoiding Housework

I’m playing hooky from my housework today. I promised myself that I would clean house, but I don’t know how to get myself motivated.

Some people seem to need no motivation whatsoever to clean their houses. They’re just naturally clean. But it’s always been hard for me.

My toilets need scrubbing, the house needs dusting, everything looks like a tornado passed through, but I still can’t seem to get off my butt.

:thumbsup: thanks!

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Put on some good ole rock and take one room at a time, but get all of your supplies together first. It’s hard for me too, sometimes. I do a lot better when no one else is at home.

Can’t help you there. I’m EXACTLY like you. :teehee:

Besides, I find that even if I spend hours cleaning the apartment, the next day I’m back to square one. :doh: If only I could find a way to KEEP the house clean… :shrug: And I don’t even have kids or pets, just a boyfriend! :teehee:

Only way that works for me is to invite people over preferably a week or more in advance so I can have some procrastination time and to ponder what really [I]needs[/I] to be done. :teehee:

I have no idea how to get motivated to clean the house, I have yet to figure it out. Sometimes it helps to just get up and do it, I know, it sounds easy but I have problems with it. The house is not in horrible shape, but I do hope that no one just drops by cause I would die of embarrassment!:teehee:

Make a nice cup of tea (or coffee) find a comfy chair or couch to sit on and then KNIT :woot:

Okay - so much to my hubby’s dismay I love the smell of spin n span in the morning ! My problem is that I let the clutter build up - mail will sit on the table for weeks, yarn from FO’s is on the table and the last couple of books I’ve read are there too. Not sure why you can eat off my kitchen floor, but you can’t see the top of the table ?
Anywho - here’s my suggestion - turn the TV and computer off, turn on some really great music that you can sing along to and then get up and put cleaner in the toilets to soak and put a load of laundry in then dust one room. [U]Sit down and knit[/U] until the laundry is ready for the dryer then scrub the toilets, then [U]sit back down to knit[/U]. Then dust another couple of rooms and pick-up a little and…[U]sit back down to knit[/U]. It’s a steady reward system for doing good (greatest thing I ever learned from dog obedience classes was that I must reward good behavior) :teehee:

I need to tear something apart and rebuild or build something.
Repainting is also a way to get me to clean.
Other than that it’s not happening.

Once I get something built I might be able to keep it clean. Like right now I have a clean kitchen because it’s new.
Now all I need to do is figure out how to get motivation to finish the soffit and paint that kitchen.

I’ve done this, too. I run around and do things first that need some time (laundry, toilets, soap scum spray) then do something else, etc.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’m laughing 'cause it’s true!!
It’s much more fun to create something new than it is to maintain something old. BORING!

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Oh, boy can I identify with this!

For me, things just have to bug me before I’ll really do them. I mean, I do the things that have to be done (i.e. laundry), but as far as other stuff, like dusting or running the vacuum, forget it. It’s just gotta bug me.

Fortunately, I have teenagers who have to do chores. That helps a bunch since we all make the mess.

What I will typically do, though, is declare “X-day” as a cleaning day. The kids know they aren’t allowed to go anywhere or do anything until the house is clean from top to bottom (or whatever the chore for that day is…once it was cleaning out the garage). Usually, hubby will jump in and help on those days, and within a couple of hours, everything is done, and we’re good for a couple of weeks.

I avoid house work like the black plague. I od the dishes and the laundry. I vacuum when it is needed and mop the floors as they needed it. My garage could use some TLC as could the rest of my house. For some reason all ofthe clutter ends up in our bed room and the garage.

So far: taken out the trash, done 1 load of dishes - it needs 2, but I’ve done 1, load of towels now in drier, scrubbed master bath - hall bath is still up for debate - can’t decided if I want to do it or ask the boys to since it’s their bath,

still undone: dusting, hall bath, vacuum/mop, general pick up

To all of those who advise to sit with a cup of tea and knit - thank you! But I’m really good at doing that without any help at all!!! :woohoo: :woot: :roflhard:
(you guys are always good to put a smile on my face!)

Hey, at least I did SOMETHING today. That’s better than usual!
I’ll get up again here in a minute. I’m SITTIN’ for now! LOL!


This works for me. Call a friend up and invite them to come over tonight or tomorrow.

Problem solved!

I knitted so much this past weekend that NOTHING got done. I had to hunt for clean socks this morning for my son & almost sent him in a mismatched pair to school. I think I am mother of the year.

But I do have the cutest little embroidered baby sweater now!

Flylady.net has a lot of great ideas. Her crisis clean is 15 min in one room, 15 min in another, then 15 minutes of another room, then 15 min break. You’d be amazed what you & a timer can get done.

I have to have the itch one day…just pick up and do it. It is usually a day when I put my hand on a surface and see the dust hand print that gets me going…

Hey, you’re doing great!

I’ve done all of the above - just not often enough. Used to be a clean freak after I stopped working, for a living that is, and after awhile, well it got boring. Right now? Am doing a load of laundry. 'Nuff for today. I liked what Joan Rivers said a long time ago - something to the effect: “You do housework today and six months later it is dirty again.” :teehee:

Afraid I can’t modivate you. I’ve been known to take a nap, because I didn’t feel like cleaning, nor did I want to look at a dirty house. lol

But usually, I just have to MAKE myself do it. It’s not horrible, because I do try to keep it tidy, but as for vacuuming, dusting, and stuff, I have to just shame myself until I feel too guilty to let it go longer.

I avoid house work like the black plague

HOWEVER, if I invite someone over who has never been here before, the house gets a good going over and I get to cook up a storm.


I was hoping you had ways of actually AVOIDING housework
I find having someone come in once a week and doing 2-3 hours of housework FOR me, is WAY cheaper than a therapist
the kids each have a chore or two to do
my room gets done on occasion

tomorrow I get an extra hour for the bathrooms to get done

my house is a MESS, always


okay, so no dusting today. I guess I’ll try to get that done tomorrow (RIGHT!!:mrgreen: )

I live in constant shame over the condition of my house. But I must dread cleaning it more than I dread seeing the mess, I guess. I am soooooo relieved that I am not the only one who suffers from terminal housecleaning avoidance. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

I’ll go check out flylady.net