Average time for a basic pair

I have recently learned how to knit socks and am wondering how long a pair takes once you have the hang of it?

That’s an excellent question and surely no one person can answer. I work nights and can sometimes knit at work if things are slow (I’m a labor nurse). If you don’t work or if you have kids, the time is going to vary a lot. It takes me about two weeks to complete a pair if I really stick to it. I’m an intermediate knitter, but fairly new to socks. There are folks out there who knit socks like lightening. This is a basic “Your mileage may vary” answer! How about the rest of you?

It takes me 2 weeks to complete a pair. That’s using 4 dpns, top down method. I work full-time and really only knit in the evenings on the weekend.

I’m going to try 2 socks at a time on 2 circs and see if I can get my time down to one week for a pair. However, the problem I see with this is that it’s so easy to bring one sock on dpns in a small bag to work if I can try to knit a bit during lunch. I have a feeling that 2 at a time will be ungainly to bring with me. Doesn’t mean I won’t try it though.

I can’t say for others but I can put out a pair in about a week. I only work on them at night. If I am using them in the car as a go to project, doctors office or dentist then they take as long as I need. So it depends on the people on how long it takes to make a pair of socks. Forgot to add that I make two at a time for the one week time.

I can knit a plain stockinette pair in about 20-22 hours. If I could just sit and knit straight through, I could have them done in about 2-3 days. However, work and family gets in the way and they usually take about a week. (I knit top down with 4 DPNs - about a 6" leg and a womens size 8 shoe.)

For me… long, long time. I just am not thrilled with working on those tiny needles so I end up dawdling and doing other stuff. :lol:

It takes me about a month. I only knit at night when watching TV. BUT I also like to knit complicated patterns. I do two at a time now, so that’s an entire pair. (but no SSS :woot: ) Wish I were faster, BUT it’s not a race, it’s my relaxation time.


using the yarn harlot’s basic sock pattern it takes me about a week for a pair (arthritis, carpal tunnel, kids, and i generally have at least 1 other project going on simultaneously… found i can get more knitting time in before my hands get too bad if i have a project on large needles and a project on small needles going so i can switch back and forth).

It generally takes me about 20 hours spread out over time.