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I want a cool picture like everyone else, but how do I get what I want to be a small file. I scanned it at the lowest possible setting, but it is still too big. Help


Hi Christine,

First, select the area you want to use, and “crop” it, so you don’t have lots of image that you don’t want, if you haven’t already done this. Then, “Resize” it. Look in the edit menu, or image menu, depending on your program. For a big avatar, like Marnie’s dog image, you can do 150 pixels wide. For a small one like mine, you can do 60 pixels wide.

Good luck! If you have more questions, let us know what program you’re using.


I had forgetten about the resize button. with my new obsession (knitting) I haven’t been at the computer doing scanning as much.

Looks great, Christine! Nice avatar!!! What a couple of cuties. :slight_smile:


I finally stirred myself to upload an avatar, but I can’t get a file small enough that looks like anything. I was going to do a close-cropped view of my recently completed baby hat. Despite slashing it to 79 x 80 pixels it is still a 16 KB file at 72 dpi. If I reduce dpi I trim the file somewhat, but not enough, and the image starts to look lousy. I also tried decreasing the color depth–again a minimal gain. I see avatars with beautiful pictures of people and I think there must be something I don’t know about shrinking the file while preserving some resolution. I generally use Irfanview for resizing. Can anyone help?

I mean, how can there be animated avatars and I can’t get a silly little hat in a recognizable state?

Hmmm, :thinking: I use Irfanview all the time, it’s not the program I don’t think. You’re not trying to change the DPI or anything? DH says you shouldn’t change that. I think it’s just the nature of the image you’re using that it doesn’t resize as well as you’d like.

Looks good to me, though! What don’t you like about it? Looks like a cute baby hat…


phpbb (the bulletin board) won’t allow you to upload a file larger than 6kb, but you can link to an offsite avatar that is bigger if you’d like. What I usually recommend is using a site that allows direct linking, like photobucket.

I have big ol’ long instructions that I’ve written out (it’s not hard, I was just very detailed because I wrote them for beginners!) on how to do this… if you would like them, please pm me and I will send them to you!

Ahhh, that must be it. Thanks, Julie.
Amy, the hat itself is fine :wink: ; the image above is pretty fine, too, but it is still 2.5x the size limit. When I try to downsize enough to get to <6 KB it’s just a cute blue smudge… So I assume your photo avatar is not a little teeny <6 KB file?
I have a couple of sites where I have uploaded some photos, so maybe I can link to an image on one of them.

Fern, I sent you the instructions…if anyone else would like them feel free to pm me.