August 2019, Whatcha' Knitting?


We would love to see your current knitting or crochet projects. It’s inspiring and just plain fun.


At this moment just another pair of socks for my children… Sorry, I do not have any pictures of them at this moment.


The little blanket for my son is nearing completion. It’ll be roughly 3’ by 4’ or so. (It was originally conceived as a “baby” blanket but I decided to make it big enough for a small child to use at night or for a lap blanket later on to increase its versatility.) The double Andalusian pattern was my compromise between something that was easy to keep track of but not too mind-numbing. I also decided I liked the visual and tactile “waffle grid” effect on a blanket.

I also made this little hat the other day just for fun


The hat is adorable but that blanket, wow! So beautiful. The stitch pattern looks just perfect for a baby or small child to hold close.


thanks! i agree, it does feel very cozy (i have to keep it out of reach of the 9 mo old because he keeps wanting to grab it while i’m working).


Just finished a Gingersnap cardigan for littlest g’daughter.


I love it! I’ve had this little cardi in my queue but not made it yet. The pockets are a splendid addition.


Its l nice thanks for sharing with us :heart_eyes:


Working on a green sweater (color is Fern) for my middle son. I originally purchased this yarn to do something for myself, but he said he really would like a cardigan out of this.



I’m so fascinated by that blanket. How long has it taken so far? As for the hat, I struggle so much with icords on dan. I think these are both amazing.


Calimom09, great color and lovely stitch pattern. This is going to be a wonderful sweater, I’m sure.



Just started sewing in ends on the blanket this morning. And I guess I started it in mid April–but I’ve set it aside for while more than once, including for a month when we were out of town, so that’s not indicative of actual knitting time… I feel like the work actually went pretty fast especially by the end.

Super neat texture pattern on that sweater by the way!


That is so adorable!


Knitting needles had a midsleeve sweater for the 8year old until 30 minutes ago. Just did the bind off on the second sleeve, still need to block then seam up the sides! Pattern is from the Fall Knit Simple, by Katherine Mehls. Don’t usually follow patterns but fell in love with this one. Ticks the boxes for my strange fascination with mohair AND cables lol.


I think I want a hat just like that one for this winter. For me! :slight_smile:


That sweater looks so soft and yummy. Perfectly lovely cables too.


this is another quick little knit,just the seaming,collar and a tail to do :smile:
and it’s finished :grinning:


I’m so glad to see this sweater put together. It’s going to be a great hit with whoever is the lucky recipient.


Thanks salmonmac, it’s another little top for my granddaughter. She’s growing so quickly she’s out of them before they’ve had any wear!! This one is for a 2yr old (she’s just turned one!!) so I’m hoping it will last a wee while :joy:


Im just about to start knitting this cute bear- Ive never knitted toys before so advice needed as to the best wool type to use, Dk is the recommended wool, do I need to look for something safe for children.Baby-Spotty-Blanket-And-Matching-Teddy-Bear-In