ATTN::Links not working

For all of you, like me. who are getting frustrated with links not working, there is this great site that allows you to type in any web page that is no longer working, and it will give you a ‘snapshot’ of what that page looked like.

So, for all the preemie links that are not working (just an example!!lol), you take the web page addy, copy it, and then paste it into their nifty search engine. Voila! I found the raglan sweater with no seams that I had fallen in love with! (Mind you, the links are still broken, but at least you have a way of getting them now!)

Hope this helps another frustrated knitter who can’t find the page they were looking for because it has become broken!

Thanks for sharing that! I do say I get angered when I see a pattern title that intrigues me and I can’t see the pattern.

Thanks again! :cheering:

Oh wonderful! I’m so glad you found that!

THanks for sharing! :thumbsup:

I’m just happy to have some other knitters who are NOT going to be ripping their hair out!!!

That’s great!! Thaks so much for sharing that–another reason I love this site so much–I learn SO much more than knitting!! :heart:

That’s awesome, thanks!