Attic Yarn?

Here is a strange story:
I was cleaning my house one day when I saw a dent in the wall. I got curious and used a hammer to chip off the dry wall (Very carefully) and discovered a hidden staircase!!! I loved adventures in my books for I was :inlove: . I climbed up and discovered a small attic. Nothing was in there except a box. I opened it up and discovered a bunch of yarn!! It was the perfect quality and I was so happy. I was running low on yarn and now I had a lot! The adventure did not stop there! I found a note on the bottem. This is what it said.
Dear person,
I am very old and about to die. I wish to give this to a knitter, but none in the family. To whoever finds this box I hid, please give it to a knitter.
NO concloser! I asked who lived here before me and it turned out that an old knitter used to live there two familes behind me! Well that is it!

Rosegirl147 :knitting:
“All’s fair in love and war.” from John Lyly’s ‘Euphues’

you are one lucky person
but if it had been i would have been scared taking down a wall and then climbing into a unknow attic
i would have been sure i was going to find creepy crawlers
but luck you
you found yarn and a note from a very devoted knitter

What a fantastic story!

I once found an extra door way into my hall when I took the paneling off the walls in my old house in Houston. But no treasures other than improved air flow throughout the house.

That story is WAY cool! It is so good that it sounds like a great way to start a novel where the main charcter is a knitter. :knitting:

I never thought about that! I am a writer, but I have never been published yet. If I use it, I will most certainly give you credit! I did find some bugs, but none were black widows (Thank goodness) so I was alright.

Rosegirl147 :knitting:
“All’s fair in love and war.” from John Lyly’s ‘Euphues’

That is cool. And sort of creepy. Gave me goosebumps to read it. You must definitely write a book now. Please let us know what you make with the yarn (and if the object comes to life and starts haunting you! :wink: ).

Aww, shucks. :aww: You wouldn’t have to give me credit. Just send me a signed copy of the book!

Did this actually happen??? Sounds creepy, mysterious AND a great opening for an awesome book on going back in time with knitting!!!

Imagine someone who finds this box of yarn and then goes back in time whenever she picks up those needles and starts to knit with them and the mystery yarn. Where will she end up next?? Will she meet the original owner? How will she return to the present? WILL she want to return??? The story never ends…


It’s hard to believe it’s real - it sounds like the sort of thing you’d dream about. Possible, but improbable. Post a picture of the yarn - we’d love to see your new stash!

Absolutely a great story! I’d have had to find someone to go up those stairs with me - preferrably in front of me!!

Fascinating, Rosegirl! I do think you ought to write a mystery story about this now. I love stories with knitting in them (and food too…so if you can combine it with recipes, I’d buy it pronto!

Not only do you have new yarn but a whole new room!!! I was telling my hubby about this and he thinks you should put a moveable/fake bookcase in front of the doorway so it’s a secret room.

I read the story when you posted it.
I don’t want to say I do not believe it. It is just the way you write it that would make me jump onto the “this is fiction” train and ride it home.

don’t get me wrong. I have found yarn in the strangest places around my grandma’s home and have built quite the stash as a kid. I have never actually found a secret attic.

I DO write and publish though. Fiction, mostly.

If you write a book / story about this: make it sound less fictional, please. A book that starts in that tone I would not want to read… The story may be great.

If you write it: she finally finds a scrap book with the most ancient designs for cardigans, awesome instructions, knits them, becomes famous and has a hard time coming to terms with giving credit to the real inventor.
But then she names her fashion line like the girl who originally designed things. Becomes even more famous and makes enough money to buy the house she found the yarn in.

(yup, I write fiction, you can tell)

How big was the dent? What made it so distinctive? What did the box look like? What kind of yarn was it? What color? Do you have any pictures?

I see you are in Germany. Anywhere near Stuttgart? (My daughter and family moved there in Feb.They love it!)


Hi Katleen!

I live about 450 km from Stuttgart. Glad your daughter likes it. Germany is great! The food, the country side… people, too.
Knitting is great here, too. :smiley:

Have you been to Germany? make sure you get to see a huge yarn shop. we have a lot of different yarn than you do. My mother in law likes it a lot (and I buy different yarns in the US when I come over).

This really happened? WOW! I kept waiting for you to say, then I woke up. Amazing tale. It really could make a good story, about the lady’s life who left it there.

Wow… I just read this and it’s so cool! :yay:

I can’t post any at the time. It was a small dent but it was big enough for me to see it. The box was just a wooden one; old and rusty. The yarn (like I tried to describe) was soft and perfect quality for a beginner. The colors were somewhat fadded out, but still quite nice. Darkish yellow, green, more purple (:woot: ) for baby booties, really fadded out red, and dark, dark, blue.

sorry to ask… this seems to be more into the fiction corner, doesn’t it?
a wooden rusty box? a LOT of yarn and you make baby booties? HOW MANY will that be?

I have a harder and harder time finding some spark of reality here - sorry, I lose my diplomatic touch here a little.