Attention Attention

I am drinking. Carry on.

But, are you knitting? :wink:

haha, umm yeah I am. Hopefully I will have this i-cord done before I finish off my first bottle.

Now, see-this is where I wish I had Hildie’s computer graphic skills, so I could come up with a pic of what an I-cord would look like when produced in an inebriated state. :roflhard:

oooh I’m not a cheap date… It will take more than this one bottle to make me knit like a crazy lady.

There’s always the Wiggles!

OOoooo! I need me some vino… gotta go fetch my nifty new “stemless” wine tumblers. :thumbsup:
Nothin’ like spending a nice Friday evening among new friends all over the country and globe!

Wine, knitting and CSI reruns… THIS is the life!!! :happydance: :heart: :happydance: :heart:


I have been watching ghost shows all day! I aparently have a masochistic tendency.

Ingrid… GO TO YOUR ROOM.[/quote]

Honey, with my schedule, that’s not a threat! I was in Toys R Us earlier this evening looking for Sand Lot 2. I turned around and the You-Know-Who section was behind me. I though of you and we’ve never met! :wink:

But what are you drinking? I mean, a bottle of beer is one thing, a bottle of vodka is another. :roflhard:

:inlove: I feel so loved.

Silver… wine. Oooh I wish I had vodka… but crap! The only place in this town to buy alcohol in this town closes and 9 :rollseyes:

C’mon over. I have wine, beer, vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum, sangria and some little bottles of mudslides. :happydance:

YAY! Party at Silver’s

Sil, got any black russian’s? Howsabout fruitylicious martinis? :wink:

Oh I gotta be in on this party. Already had a beer tonight, so guess that’s what I should stick with. How’s that saying go again?

Liquor before beer and you’re in the clear;
Beer before liquor and you’ll never be sicker.

Yup, got any MGD?

Oooo! I forgot, we have stuff for Waboritas! :happydance:

hard before beer, you’re in the clear
beer before hard, you’re in the yard.

after my bottle of 2-buck chuck last night, I think I’d better lay off. I’m drinking water.

I’m drinking too - let this be a reminder to y’all. Knitting doesn’t work after midnight too well. I have already ripped out all 8 rows of my Aran Afghan and decided to just drink.

Wholeheartedly agree!!! The perfect evening.