Attempting Legwarmers

This is my first project using DPN’s or 2 circulars. The pattern says ktbl,p. I just saw the video on how to ktbl, so I think I can do that. The p is that just a purl? So I ktbl one stitch and then purl the next? or ktbl don’t pull off the stitch purl and the pull off the stitch?

Also, since this is my first circular project, do you suggest DPN;s or 2 circulars?

Thanks for all of your support in answering my questions!!! :grphug:

It’s probably purl the next stitch. Weird there’s no space after the comma, but it could just be a typo.

If you can type out the whole row in instructions, we can tell for sure - and if possible, can you post a link to the pattern if it’s on- line/free.

Also, there should be somewhere near the beginning of the pattern that defines the abrievations - look and see if they list [B]ktbl,p[/B] or maybe just list [B]ktbl[/B].

Yeah, sorry the pattern says (ktbl, p) repeat for 1 1/2 inches long
then continue in stockinette until it measures 10 inches. So I guess that means purl the next stitch?

What is easier for a beginner to knit with DPN’s or 2 circulars?

I’ve just knitted one legwarmer :smiley: and I’m a newbie to knitting, I used the magic loop method with circulars. I watched some video’s beforehand on using DPNs and magic loops and DPN just looked really fiddly/messy.