Attachment hell

ve been trying to upload a photo but… it dosent do nothing. some one pls tell me what im doing wrong.

If your file size is too big, it won’t work.

its 58.4kb tiff file that isnt to big is it? so as i click add atachement it just reloads the post reply bit… what am i doing wrong?


Try uploading them to Photobucket ( - free registration). Then just insert the image tag into your message. You can automatically size your photos in photobucket, which is much easier than trying to do it on your own.

It has to be JPG…no tif files. It must be 500 pixels on the widest side and no larger than 256kb.

flickr is also free, but a little harder to use- not so user friendly… I use flickr b/c the relatives can check in for the latest pics of their granddaughter…