Attaching sleeves to knitted in round sweater

So, I am supposed to attach the sleeves to a sweater I have knit in the round up to the armholes–and I sent my Elizabeth Zimmerman Knitting Without Tears book to my daughter in Spain. I don’t know what to do with the sleeves—because they are round also. I am stymied as to how to pick up the sleeve stiches. Any guidance would be appreciated. I’ve been working on this seater, a simple rollneck pullover in Noro off and on for two years and winter only has a couple more months to go here in Columbus (I hope). Thanks.

Okay, you have the sweater body on one circular needle, the sleeves on holders. Knit the sts across the back or front of the body, then knit the sleeve sts off the holder, knit the other half of the body sts, knit the other sleeve sts. It’s going to look weird, but after a couple rows it will start looking like a sweater. The next round after you join the pieces is usually a decrease round where the sleeve/body sts meet, that helps anchor them together.

thanks much–it just looked so weird–my spatial intelligence is not all that great…

Like I said, it does look reeeeeeally strange until you have a couple inches on it past the joining.