Attaching crochet to fabric for cushion cover


I am trying to make a cushion cover with a large granny square and fabric. I want to sew the granny square onto the fabric on the front of the cushion.

I just wonder if anyone has any hints or tips for me - I’m thinking about potential sag over time and how I can avoid that.

I was going to make the cover up and then sew on the granny square around the edges (with some fabric border - around 1/2 inch) and also think I need to sew some of the inner part of the granny square to the fabric to avoid sag. I realise I need to sew it on quite tight to start with.

Very grateful for any advice! - Should I make the cover first or sew on the granny square first? Not entirely sure where to start…

Thank you!

What a great idea! Make sure you take a picture to show us when you are finished.

I would cut the pieces for the cover, then sew the granny square onto the front piece, then sew the cover together. Definitely tack the granny square every 2 inches or so onto the fabric so that it won’t some loose. I would use thread matched to the color of the granny square and just take a small stitch up on one side of the yarn, over it and down the other side, about every 2 inches or so all over the whole granny square. I would also stitch around the entire square in a close running stitch or whip stitch to secure the edges.

Don’t forget that picture!

Hope this helps.


MGM, thanks for your suggestion, I’m going to give it a go tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted… and will try and work out how to upload pictures of the finished project!

Thanks again :thumbsup:

I would sew the square on all the way around and then use some of the yarn and sew it in place to give the cushion the quilted look. I wouldn’t do it every inch but maybe every three inches. How about a bias strip all around the out side edge?