Attaching a hood to a sweater

Does anyone know how to attach a hood to a sweater so that the seam looks good from both sides?Thanks

Are both the hood and sweater finished and you want to attach? Or you are making a sweater and want to add a hood to it?

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Mattress seam creates a beautiful seam but it does leave a visible bump on the wrong side. You can hide that seam using a Norwegian technique which is often used to cover steeks at the shoulders of sweaters, a reverse stockinette facing. See Chapter 3 in this pdf and also page 10.

There is a Bickford seam which joins 2 edges without a seam showing on the wrong side but it’s not a very sturdy seam. You probably need a strong seam for a hood. Here’s a video just so you can see it.

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Both parts finished, sides and arms sewn up, but no instructions in pattern as to how to attach the hood

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Thank you