Attaching a Border to the Edge of a Sweater

After joining the shoulder and side seams of a baby bolero (knitted in stockinette stitch), the directions read to “cast on five stitches and work in garter stitch until border fits from centre to lower back edge…[COLOR=“Red”]sewing in place as you work[/COLOR]. Continue in garter stitch and increase one st at inside edge of next row and 7 foll 4th rows, ending at stratight outer edge. 13 stitches.”

[U]How do I join the border to the body of the sweater as I work[/U]???

Thank-you in advance for your input!

You don’t attach it as you knit, but rather sew it with a tapestry needle and yarn. You [I]could [/I]sew it after you’re done knitting, but this assures that it will fit better. I’d knit a few inches, sew a few inches.