Atlanta braves afghan pattern

Hi everyone! I’ve looked all over the net for an Atlanta Braves afghan pattern. I prefer knit, but crochet will be fine too. My boyfriend keeps his house [U]extremely[/U] [COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]cold[/COLOR] and is a die-hard braves fan (his dog is named “Chipper”, after Chipper Jones) so I think an afghan would make a great gift.

Thanks!! :happydance:

I’m sorry that I can’t help you with a pattern but I am extremely interested in finding the pattern also. My daughter (19) and husband are HUGE Atlanta Braves fans. Chipper is my daughter’s favorite and she wore #10 all through high school sports and now college softball. If you’ve ever heard about Philadelphia sports fans, you have to be extremely loyal to wear an Atlanta Braves jersey to a Phillies game. LOL!

Good luck with the pattern search!

[COLOR=#552867]can’t help with pattern sorry, but[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#552867]Could you adapt an existing pattern. change to appropriate colour scheme and add intarsia picture to it, like the logo or something. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#552867]Can use this to graph a picture.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#552867]edit: [/COLOR][COLOR=#552867]this page has a few sports related charts[/COLOR]

I started looking recently for Chicago Cubs stuff and couldn’t find major league baseball patterns at all. I think your best bet is just to knit it in the colors and do what is recommended.

I am doing a CUBS scarf for my son for his birthday as we are die hard CUBBIES, but I decided to just buy a patch for the opposite ends of the scarf and sew it on.

Good luck finding what you need1

GO CUBS! :woot:

Thanks for your help guys! I guess I’ll try to take the logo and chart it (I’ve never done that before). I appreciate the suggestions! :hair:

Could you use something like these Atlanta Braves Cross Stitch Charts and adapt it for knitting? Scroll down alphabetically and there are several designs for the Atlanta Braves.