At the same time instructions

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I have been searching the internet and reading related posts concerning “at the same time” instructions on knitting help for about an hour and I’m completely stumped on the these instructions given in the pattern I’m knitting. Let me preface by saying this is a cardigan knitted from the bottom up - so there is a back and 2 fronts. I’m getting stumped with this left front part that concerns at the same time knitting.

Left Front (prior to starting the shaping, there is some ribbing worked from bottom up and then a few set up rows and knitting in pattern for about 7.5"):

Shape Side , Neck, and Armhole
Note: Side, neck, and armhole shaping are worked at the same time; please read entire section through before beginning. Neck shaping will not be completed until after armhole shaping is complete.

Side Dec Row (RS): Continuing in patterns as established, k2, k2tog, work to end- 1 st decreased.
Repeat Side Decrease Row on RS every 4" twice. AT THE SAME TIME, when piece measures 16" from the beginning, ending with a WS row, shape neck as follows:

Neck Dec Row (RS): Continuing to work side shaping if necessary, work to last 4 sts, ssk, k2 - 1 st decreased.
Repeat Neck Decrease Row [every 6 rows once, then every 4 rows once] 3 times, then every 4 rows 3 times. AT THE SAME TIME, when piece measures 18 " from the beginning, ending with a WS row, shape armhole as follows:

Continuing to work neck shaping, BO 2 sts at armhole edge once, then 2 sts 1 time.

Armhole Dec Row (RS): Continuing to work neck shaping, k1, k2tog, work to end - 1 st decreased.
Repeat Armhole Decrease Row every RS row 3 times - 16 sts remain when all shaping is complete. Work even until armhole measures 8 ", ending with a WS row.

Shape Shoulders
BO 5 sts at armhole edge twice, then 6 sts once.

** The above is also repeated for Right Front **

I truly appreciate any / all help!!


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I find that the easiest thing to do is to write these directions out one at a time and then see how they work together. Since the directions give a length measurement for the start of the neck and armhole decreases, it’s not possible to tell on which row in the neck shaping the armhole shaping starts. I’ve just started the two (neck and armhole) independently but you can align them once you get to the given measurements.

Side shaping is worked once and then every 4 inches twice more.

Neck shaping is worked starting at 16 inches on rows 1,7,11,17,21,27,31 and then rows 35,39 and 43.

Armhole shaping is worked stating at 18 inches. Bind off 2sts on rows 1 and 3 then dec on rows 5,7,9 and 11. (Row 1 for the armhole shaping isn’t the same as row 1 of the neck shaping.)

Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to spell it out for me :smile:

Based on what you provided, side shaping would be worked a total of 3 times…And then once I approach 16", that is where the neck shaping comes in… then armhole shaping starts at 18" - so it appears there will not be any overlap in which I may have to do all 3 shaping at once? Seems like given the different measurements they give in inches, one is done after the other and then after the other… Just want to make sure I understand that correctly - if there is any overlap between the different shaping.


There’s a possibility that the side shaping and the neck shaping will overlap. The pattern mentions that under neck shaping.
The neck and the armhole shaping will surely overlap. The neck starts and 16" and the armhole at 18". It’s unlikely that you would finish all the neck rows within 2" no matter the row gauge.
What is the name of the pattern?

Oh ok gotcha. Thanks. It’s the Chunky Cabled Cardigan by Nora Gaughan from her Cable Sourcebook.

Love Norah Gaughan!

Yes - her patterns are beautiful!