At last!

Started two years ago but luckily he has a younger brother, a beautiful sweater now finished. But suddenly I’ve realised that knitting isn’t a chore and for the first time in 50 years I’m actually loving knitting. What a surprise.


It really is beautiful.
Lovely knitting and great to hear you’re enjoying it too.

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Lucky younger brother! That’s an adorable little sweater. Very nicely done.

(I love the background in your second photo, looks so much like my yarn after ripping out a good portion of knitting.)


So coat number two is done and now to do it again two more times with two more sizes extra small and extra big.



So well done! I admire you for taking on this pattern the first time much less several times more. Perfectly lovely.

Wow. I’m amazed anyone can make such things. Well done :smiley:

I am getting lots of requests. I just love this coat… really enjoyed making it.
Persistence and practice anyone can do this!

I won’t tell you how many times I tore out and back tracked hehe