assuming a selvedge stitch?

I’m doing a Mary Maxim sweaterpattern from back in the 50s. There is no mention of selvedge stitches but I thought that was proper way for seaming purposes? Is selvedge st assumed outside of the regular stitch count or?

I haven’t done a seamed sweater, but I’ve often seem it recommended to not have a selvedge for seaming. I don’t think it’s important since that inner edge won’t show.

I thought selvedge stitch exists to make the seaming more seamless?? Maybe
Im wrong…otherwise it wouldn;t be as an ideal a setup for stitching
together would it not?

Maybe it depends on the type of seaming? If you do mattress stitch you’re doing it in a stitch or two so it wouldn’t matter I think. I’ll tag @salmonmac since I know she’s done seamed sweaters.

For a sweater worked in stockinette you don’t need a selvedge stitch. For sweaters with lacy patterns or complicated cables, a selvedge stitch can help with seaming. Some patterns include one, others don’t so basically, it’s your choice. If you like an extra edge stitch for seaming, by all means add one in on each edge.

ah ok makes sense…this pattern is stockinette so I was wondering why
there was no mention of of a sv st. Thanks Jan and salmon mac!