Ashford vs. kromski

I’m just about ready to buy my first wheel! Yay!

I had my heart set on the Ashford Traditional or Traveler, but now am leaning towards the Kromski Symphony. Anyone have opinions on these? I did read a review site I think Diva posted in an earlier thread, but would love some more info if any of you have.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

I have an Ashford Traditional and I LOVE it! I am very pleased with my choice. I can’t really speak to the Kromski except for looking it up online and it “looks” very similar to the traditional. A couple differenced I noticed. It is a double treadle. I have a single treadle traditional…while you can get the traditional as a double I really prefer a single. It doesn’t look like the Kromski comes as a single. I would suggest seeing if you could try it out to see how you prefer treadling.

I’ve found this site to have a useful review of wheels and how to buy one:

Hope that helps!

i didn’t get a response notification, sorry i didn’t thank you both sooner! thank you! :slight_smile:

that site is AWESOME. thanks bunches!

I read some more on that site yesterday. I have to agree its pretty awesome! Love the advice for washing fleece etc. It really inspires me a lot. I really HOPE HOPE HOPE that I can pick spinning up ok!