Ashamed to ask this but please help

I have been making hats, gloves, and other simple knitted things, but decided more than a month ago to make socks. I have loads of kids, grandchildren to make them for. I want to very bad. Anyway everyday without exception for the past few months I get out one of my newly purchased sock yarns and printed mateials(tons of how-tos) from books and online and also stare at Amy making socks on her video for hours. My Yorkie Max loves your voice Amy he gets in my rocker and sleeps while I am getting my daily sock knitting lesson. :heart: Here is the question I can follow all instructions like ssk, turnin heels etc. but I cannot progress any further than ribbing without messing up. REASON I dont know how to turn or what is wrong or right side? :?? I start out exactly right on the left side using the right side as working needle. when I get to the North country pattern Amy uses where it says to knit 3 rows(stockinette) before divide for heel. THIS IS WHERE I MESS UP. I know how to knit flat with circular needles, haven’t tried socks yet. I will not give up trying to make socks. I can follow all instructions except the simplest thing of all right and wrong side. Yes I feel really dumb. But I have spent tons on sock yarn for my families Xmas gifts so I am truly inspired. Please help. Have a great day everyone.

Take a look at this

Basically what you’re doing is taking the ONE needle that has the number of stitches you need for the heel and your spare needle and you’re just working back and forth on that needle. Like you would if you were knitting with two plain straight needles. IGNORE ALL THE OTHERS for now. They are irrelevant. Work on that one needle to make the flap.

The “wrong” side will be the side that faces in to the middle of all your DPNs. The “right” side will be facing out.

Hope this helps some.

I have been printing out sock making info and pictures for more than a month. This is fantastic. It is just what I needed. I can’t wait to try again, and hopefully this time get it right. This is the greatest sight for anyone wanting to learn sock making. I recommend it highly. Thanks again