As Seen in A Movie

Have you ever watched a movie and seen a piece of knitting that you just went ga-ga over? I mean, other than the wonderfully horrible sweaters in the Harry Potter movies? (God bless the lady who designed and knit those things)

I was watching Enchanted April the other night while knitting some i-cord and looked up to see Miranda Richardson wearing the most exquisite sweater I think I’ve ever seen. First thing Monday I am going to try to hunt the designer down and see if there is a pattern somewhere. I must have that sweater.

I got to thinking about knits I’ve seen lately in movies and thought to myself, wow, I wonder where I could find the pattern for that? My logical mind tells me that most of that stuff is off some rack somewhere, but my heart keeps telling me that it can be made and somebody has that pattern somewhere!

There’s a group on Ravelry that’s sole purpose is to find or create patterns for things on TV or in the movies. I can’t recall the name of it off the top of my head though…

found the group

YES! I fell in love with a pullover sweater worn by Aisha Tyler in Ghost Whisperer. It had delicate threads like tiny beads, but not beads, just the nubbly thread, strung across the v-neck. Gosh it was beautiful. I wouldn’t even know how to begin looking for it. I tried googling episodes of GW. (I am seriously addicted to daily reruns of this show, having missed it when it was on regularly).

but I know what you mean…

Abbers, thanks a million! I have posted something there and I hope to get a reply, but it is an obscure little movie. I know I would love a sweater in exactly that same color, and my daughter, who likes 20’s era style clothing would look great in once in a peach color.

There’s a commercial for and I love the sweater the woman is wearing in that. It’s a tan, cabled sweater with a scoop neck. Beautiful. Every time I see that commercial I stop and watch. Hubby thinks I’m crazy.

I’ve knitted Bella’s mittens from Twilight a few times :slight_smile: I still haven’t made any for myself though. I have the yarn for it. I’ve knitted some other Twilight and Harry Potter inspired stuff. I’m a dork.

I think I just fell in love w/ a hat on General Hospital. I don’t even watch the show (or not since a kid) but the character has cancer and has this gorgeous cap on with a braided/cabled section over one side from top to brim and the ribbed edging has baubles hanging off…soooooooooooooooooooooo cute

What I like to do when watching movies and TV is when I see somebody holding needles and yarn I watch to see if they’re ACTUALLY knitting with them!!!

It’s amazing how many times I’ve seen (mostly) women holding knitting needles and yarn in a movie or on TV and while they LOOK like they’re knitting, if you watch them closely they’re actually not. Sometimes, the camera doesn’t actually stay on them long enough for you to be able to tell.

There’s a show called “Good Luck Charlie” and I have seen somebody on there actually KNITTING with their needles/yarn! Even my daughter pointed it out to me!!!

So, that’s what I do when I watch TV and/or movies.

Enchanted April is one of my most favorite movies! I own it, so can go and see that sweater you’re talking about…oh gee, guess I’ll have to watch it again (for the 5th time,hehe). Thanks for the encouragement, and good luck with knitting the sweater!