Artlady's "shedding" red sweater! Ack!

Hi y’all! :waving:

I have a problem, and I was wondering if anyone has a remedy for me!

I knit the Dollar-and-a-Half cardigan back in April, using Cascade Cloud 9 yarn. It is a very soft yarn, however, it sheds like no tomorrow! The sleeve of my husband’s suits become a red furry mess when he sits next to me in church. My own white blouse is literally covered with a red furry mess!

What can I do about this shedding? Is there no end to it??

Does anyone have any tips for me? I think I read somewhere that yarns that shed like this contain “short hairs” in the yarn that easily disengage from the strand, thereby “shedding” onto anything it touches.

But this is ridiculous. :hair:

The only thing I have thought of is to put it in the dryer on AIR for minutes, hours or days…til it has exhausted itself into my lint trap!

What do you think? You see by the photo below that the yarn has fully “bloomed”!

In the meantime, this sweater is in “sweater jail”!

Where I live (Seoul) you can buy angora wool socks… and when they are new… they are bunny fuzzy.

However, washing and drying they become regular wool socks. So, your plan of ‘air fluff’ will probably help the most to get rid of the shedding.

I have heard that the shedding and pilling lessens over time, but I have no experience because I’ve knitted with a limited number of yarns. Could you maybe try using one of those sticky lint rollers on it before you go out and carry one with you? :shrug:

It’s a beautiful sweater! I hope you find a solution so it can come out of sweater jail!

Mama Bear

I have decided to buy myself a sweater stone…for pilling and shedding. I have several rather lovely sweaters in my closet right now (NOT handmade, I am sorry to say) that aren’t being worn for the same reason. Supposedly, using the stone pulls those little fibers out and, after using it for awhile, there are no more fibers left to shed or pill. With proper care, the stone can last 10 years.

Knitpicks has one for about $8. That might be more environmentally friendly than drying the heck out of that beautiful sweater! :wink:

I have a similar problem with an Angora sweater I made. Though the angora does not stick so much as it wafts through the air and up your nose. I seldom wear it, but I have to say after years of wear and washing it does seem to be diminishing a bit.

Just a thought (not tried it) but would spraying it with hairspray before you wore it help - but there might be a residue issue or stickiness to deal with

it might sound crazy but i know i heard this somewhere…placing your sweater in the freezer or the refrigerator is supposed to help with shedding. i don’t know why or how long to put it in there though. and you probably would want to put the sweater in a plastic bag or something.

Thanks everyone! :hug:I appreciate the ideas and feedback from all of you! First I am going to dry the dryer treatment, on AIR, for an hour. I am trying to think what I will put in the dryer with it so that it will not cling to the sides of the drum. It has to be something that won’t put lint onto the sweater, and something I don’t care that it ends up being a red furry mess! :eyes: I will take a digital photo of what my dryer’s lint trap collects!

After that, if it still sheds…I will try the freezer treatment!

Stay tuned. :eyebrow: