Arthritis in R hand

Thank you so much! I will definitely look at those videos I’ve only ever knitted one way, and my R thumb is really being effected .

Take up yoga! It offers so many good things, one of which giving you something to do instead of eating! Well, at least for some of the time…:wink:. I have been doing yoga twice a week, in a class setting, for a couple of years now and I’m 68! Our instructor focuses on strength, mobility and balance. Before, getting up from the ground was a challenge. Now I can now get up off the ground smoothly, without any assistance from a chair or something to lean one. The other benefit is how much it improves your posture and balance. At our age, balance is integral! I also found the breathing method helps me shut my brain off so I can relax and sleep. Of course, check with your doctor to make sure it’s ok… Best of luck, Steve.

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Im so sorry you are having these issues Steve. Have you talked with a naturopath? I have staved off 2 separate long term issues with vitamins & diet. Not arthritis, tho. My doctor poo-pooed it, but one was 1991 & I have never had it again. The other they used to poo-pooed, but now even regular medicine has to admit that keto diet does indeed control T2 diabetes.

Just an idea. I hope you find a solution.

Yep. Basel joint A very common but mostly in women. In any case switching to Norwegian knitting has allowed me to knit for the last 4 years since I taught myself. Look up Arne Carlos videos for the real N knitting. It’s a certain type of continental. Really saves the joints. I’m an odd bird though because I purl both N way and often Portuguese way. Good luck.

Thank you for sharing I will look that up . I’ve been knitting the same way since I was a kid . I need to find another way, cause , I’m substituting eating for knitting *

I’ve been reading about Basal joint arthritis . I’m assuming that’s what I have . My dr didn’t mention that to me, but just called it plain arthritis. I haven’t been knitting at all, and I wear a soft brace . Unfortunately, there’s no cure for this . I looked at the Norwegian style but seems so awkward. I could try English style, but, this is so depressing . Thank you to everyone for listening.


Hey Steve. Sorry you’re feeling so down and missing your knitting.
I know it’s not the same but have you considered trying some cross stitch for during your knitting break? Whilst kn my kjitting ban I have found I can do a bit of cross stitch, I still limit my time because of my mobility problems etc but it is at least something for a short time and it doesn’t put so much pressure on the thumb. It depends how bad you are just now because maybe your thumb can’t manage a sewing needle?
I was not jnto cross stitch at all but decided to give it a go and I have enjoyed it more than I imagined. Not a patch on knitting of course but it is something to break up the day (and stop your hand reaching for food).
I got a great kit where the image is printed on the fabric and all the threads provided. Actually my son got the kit with 2 designs we can do one each, he plans to make them into a cushion for his play room.

Thank you so much

Do you know of anybody who has had surgery for this ? Or what treatment? I’m in terrible pain. I had an injection for trigger thumb, but till have pain. And, arthritis in the same thumb, and I had an injection for that. So, I have 2 problems in the same thumb.

I am a Chiropractor and avid knitter. Please don’t stop your favorite hobby. Get some Biofreeze and a timer… Allow only 15 minute sittings and keep creating. You might also try some acupuncture. 15 minutes a day, but put that Biofreeze on first. Happy knitting.

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Thanks for responding to me I’ve had a couple steroid injections in my thumb. The first one lasted almost a year , but the 2nd one was not as successful. I have two problems in the same thumb, arthritis and I had trigger thumb. I don’t have any triggering now, but , I still have pain at the base of my thumb, and the knuckle closest to the nail bed. I’m going to see my orthopedic dr today to see what else can be done . I think it’s too soon for another injection, since my last one was in November 28, 2023. I’m miserable without my knitting . Does Biofreeze really help ? I can’t have surgery at this time . I baby sit for my 2 yr old grandson. Please help !

Also, which Biofreeze product do you suggest ? There are creams, gels, not sure which one to get .

Hi Steve. How are you getting on?

I was thinking about you the other day, how frustrating it is not to be able to knit, when it popped into my mind about the style of knitting with the knitting belt and the pin which holds the yarn . I remembered seeing a woman demonstrate how she learned to knit this way and adapted her knitting style to allow her to knit with only one arm.
She explains all in this video which might interest you. I imagine it would be a bit of a an investment to buy some new equipment but it could be fun to learn.

I don’t have arthritis but I do have painful joints due to lupus. (I have spent most of today laid up on the sofa because hips, knees, ankles and back :roll_eyes:) I find doing only 10 minutes or so at a time helps, then doing something else (or nothing at all) for a while. I find I need to stretch out my joints because knitting tends to make me hold my fingers stiffly.

Also, further to Creations comment about one handed knitting… I knit English style, but I hold the right hand needle between my thighs, rather than in my hand. This means I just need my index finger to flip over the yarn.

It’s really difficult to describe. I’ll add a couple of photos that may or may not make it a bit clearer. But I do find it takes the pressure off my joints. My right thumb lightly supports the needle and I can rest my left arm down for extra support on that side too.

Doing a knit stitch:

How I hold the needle with my legs:

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Really sorry to hear about your health difficulties . Thanks so much for sharing how you knit, it’s really interesting and I think tips and work arounds like yours can help other people enormously.

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Thanks to everyone for all the support! I haven’t started knitting again , yet. My hand is ok, but, I’m afraid to aggravate it again. I can’t even imagine what that machine would cost . I’m going to give this some more time. I actually was starting to get Trigger finger back, so my hand specialist gave me an injection. It helped so much , but, I can’t get another one for 6 months, so , I need to give it a rest now. Thank you to everyone!


Do hope the rest is helping, Steve, I can imagine how awful this must be for you.

It’s awful! I haven’t knitted for months , now. I miss it so much . I want to take more time to rest my hand , but it’s very depressing. Knitting is my passion. Thank you for caring .