Arrrrgghhh! Options quality control issues

I recently ordered a set of KnitPicks 40" cables to go with my Options. Shortly after they arrived I discovered a rough spot on one of the connectors which snagged the yarn. I emailed KnitPicks, and they instructed me to dispose of the defective cable. They sent me a new set, which I received a couple of days ago. When I opened them I found that both of these cables have rough spots on the connectors. Also, the holes through which the tightening tool is inserted are too small to allow the tool to go all the way through, making it impossible to tighten the connection adequately. I’m so frustrated!!! I’ve emailed KnitPicks again, but haven’t heard back from them yet. Have any of you guys experienced this kind of problem with your Options?

My cables are fine–I did have trouble with the thread stripping on the points so that they wouldn’t tighten properly. Knitpicks replaced them without question, then it happened on another size! I’ve been too busy to call them again about the other pair. They were very nice to deal with and took care of the problem without question. Its frustrating though when you want to knit and don’t have what you want…:hair:

I love my options though…wouldn’t trade them for any other:hug:

i had the cable connector too loose for the needles… it wont grip the needles at all…i screwed a long time and finally i got it …it way tooo big :roflhard:

i finally got it replaced…they are the best at replacing their parts:thumbsup:

I have several cables with a rough spot at the join, I need to call them I guess. I just got some harmony needles for doing socks, I’ve got too many projects going so I’m trying to not start another project! But, I also like my options set alot, I think they’re a good product and I really like how flexible the cables are.

Yeah KP seems to be experiencing a lot of growing pains. I’ve had several QC issues with them. I love the needles but the QC stuff is annoying to the point I am considering switching to Denise.

If you switch to the Denise brand, Mason, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Mine are hardworking, loyal, and smile every time I get them out. :slight_smile: :wink:

I love my Denise needles and my Options. I did just have my 16" (I think?) cord break in my Denise set. sigh Apparently there was an airbubble in the plastic that makes the join and it snapped with almost NO pressure. They said it happens sometimes and if I’ll mail them back the part with $1 for shipping, they’ll replace it. I <3 their customer service. :slight_smile:

What a coincidence! I have a defective 40" cable right here beside me, in my office…waiting to be replaced by either mailing it in…or…calling them about it.

At first, I just took an emery board to it, and smoothed out the rough patch.

But later, with use, the cable pulled out of the socket a bit, and I just can’t get it to push all the way back into the metal socket.


I guess I should just call them???

I LOVE my Denise needles. I am not thrilled that they are plastic, but they work really well and I’ve NEVER had issues with them. They connect easily and never come apart. Even though the needles are plastic, they work up the yarn very easily. I got the pink set (which donates to Breast Cancer Research). If you were doing very small work, you may have issues with the cable size, but other than that, I must say that I absolutely LOVE them. I use circs for nearly everything and use these constantly.

Pssssst! They’re resin - not plastic! ^_~

Psssssst! Resin IS plastic.

Yes, but “plastic” as a generic term typically implies a different substance than the extruded material that composes most resins. ^_~

Does it much matter? Resin is a form of plastic. Resin is merely more specific. No need to get your panties in a bunch. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was actually being silly. I’ve seen others jump on people for using “plastic” instead of “resin” for Denises. I was being goofy. No undergarment bunching over here. :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: Sorry - Silliness is what makes life happier. Without it, we’d just be chicks with sticks. :grphug:

Me too! I love the “pointy-ness” of them and I have never had a problem with the joining/connection…I use them for everything except small stuff like socks…I use Knitpicks dpns for those!:thumbsup:

I’d love to see Mason knitting with the pink Denise’s! Big, tough trucker knitting along with his PINK needles :roflhard:!


Hey, the pink cabled Denises may bring out the softer side of Mason. Pink is the new black. :thumbsup: :teehee:

I’ve never used any other needles since I bought my Denise interchangables from this site. I had one small issue with a set of tips being rough on the end. I phoned and within a week I had a new set in the mail. They didn’t even want the old ones back! Great needles, nice organized case, good customer service, I’m hooked.

Frankly I think if you move to Denise after Options you WILL be disappointed, but maybe that’s just me. I don’t like the cables at all. They are smooth, but fat and the plasticy, rubbery material doesn’t let the yarn move as smoothly as it does on Options and Addis. If I got frustrated enough with my Options to move on I’d go for Addis even if I had to buy one or two sets a month.

Anyhoo… I had one problem with an Options cable from the set and it was replaced and I’ve never had a problem with any other needles I’ve bought there. Knock on wood. If you look at the sheer numbers of people who have purchased KPO the problems really are relatively few, but that doesn’t help when you do have a problem does it. Hope you get it solved.:hug: