Arran Jumper

Hi there :slight_smile: im 16 and i want to knit an arran jumper for my dad as a birthday present. I have started the first part but now ithe pattern wants me to increase and this is where i got lost :confused: can someone please help me out? I have tried at least 10 times now and i dont know if it is because im counting my stitches wrong or whether im reading the pattern wrong. So my questions are

  1. how to i count the increases? E.g. Does the increase count as a separate (k1,p1) or is included into the next set of stitches as well ? :confused:

The patterns says:

On the last row increase to 110 stitches. Rib 2 (inc on next st. Rib3, inc on the next st. Rib4) 9 times inc on next st, Rib3, inc on next st, Rib 2

so far the stitches were K1 tbl, P1 Rib… so im guessing the Rib is still K1tbl, P1??

Please help me out

Hi Sulyna and welcome to KH!
What a thoughtful gift for you dad.
This increase may be at the end of the ribbing and before the pattern stitches begin. If so, don’t worry that you’re losing the 1x1 rib. K1, p1, increase in the next knit , p1, k1, p1, increase in the next knit etc. You’ll have 2 knit sts (or perhaps in some places 2 purl sts) together but the pattern is about to change anyway so this won’t be noticeable.

Thank you so much! Im starting to do the first row of the knitting and i was wondering does “Moss 11” mean do the “Moss” pattern 11 times or to the pattern up to 11 sts?

It means work 11sts in Moss stitch. You can usually confirm this by counting stitches in the written directions.

It is also very helpful to place markers on the needle before you work the first row. It insures that you have the correct stitch number before you work the row, get to the end and find that you have too many or not enough sts. I find that first row the hardest to work for that reason and the markers save the day.

Thank you! Im starting to feel really bad asking you all of these questions but is it ok if i ask more?

For the The diamond panel [18 stitches]

  1. P7 C4L P7
  2. and all back rows follow sts
  3. P6 C3R [P] C3L [K] P6
  4. P5 C3R [P] K1 P1 C3L [K] P5
    7] P4 C3R [P] [K1 P1] twice C3L [K] P4

What does that even mean in sentence 2?!
Wheres 4?6?

Don’t even think twice about asking questions. So much easier to ask and understand what’s happening than to frog.
The Diamond panel right side rows (RS) are the odd number rows. The even rows are the wrong side or back rows (WS). For all the WS rows, work the sts as they present themselves. That means that when you see a V, knit it; when you see a bump or collar around the next stitch, purl it.