Armpit gusset?

I have been at the 90% point on my brother’s Skully (he picked pattern and yarn) since February/March. I didn’t want to finish because I suspected that it might be too small, since the pattern is for a girl and he has boy arms/chest. It was snug on DH and they are about the same size. Finally he went to visit my parents and my mom got his measurements and the chest is perfect, hooray.

However, the upper arms are of concern. His measurement is 13.5 and obviously I don’t want it to be a tight muscle sweater. I want it to be comfortable, on the baggy side if necessary. The top of the arm currently measures 13-14 depending on exactly where I measure. It is Kool-wool, which is an acrylic/merino blend. This means I can’t really just block it out the way I would with wool, right?

Here is a picture. The ones with the skullys are the arms. How big should I make the gusset? Does anyone know of a free pattern with an underarm gusset that I could use as a guide? And how will I assemble it? Do I attach the gusset first and knit the sleeve down? Or should I knit up and add the gusset? Will it be obvious when I start? I’ve done a lot of sweaters … they just usually fit and don’t need odd alterations, lol. (and are usually in 100% natural fibers which are a bit more malleable).

I don’t know anything about this; my only thought was that the gusset would be adding room under the arm, not around the bicep. :?? Or maybe I don’t understand where the gussets are supposed to be.

Gee, I’m a huge help, aren’t I :doh:

It would be added under the arm, but would add to the size of the whole sleeve in that area. I’m not sure how to put one in either.

You could put gussets in ala guernsey style (small diamond shapes under each armpit) usually they are knit in but in this case you could make two. Both should look like a kite, one elongated end (start with 3 sts) increase every o i would say 3rd or 4th row, until you reach the desired width and then decrease every other row to your original 3 sts, cut yarn leaving a long enough end for seaming into the garment (at least one side so the other side you would seam with the rest of theh piece. Pull the yarn through the last 3 sts. pull snugly and then place the apex of the diamond at the seams. I would be under the arm so it wouldn’t be visible, And beings it’s in black, no one would notice when he raised his arms anyway. In your case, I would sew the long side toward the sleeve and the short side of the diamond toward the body of the sweater as the sleeve is where you would need your ease.
I hope I am making sense here… If not let me know and I’ll try to explain it better for ya.:guyknitting:

You could put the armpit gusset, but instead of making a diamond shape, make like an inverted triangle on the body part of the gusset (iykwim) then instead of decreasing for the second part of the normal diamond/gusset (on the sleeve), continue at the same width down where the sleeve underarm would be until you’re sure you’ve gone far enough to allow extra room in the upper arm bicep area, and the start decreasing back to the original width. So, like a gussett, but extended down the arm to allow extra upper arm room.

Clear as mud? LOL-I hope that made sense and is of help! Actually I think I just said what fibrenut said :lol: Good luck!

Jaxhill, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by inverted diamond, but I did learn what iykwim means from your post, lol.

As I was falling asleep, I think I imagined what fibernut was describing, so it is good to have it down in black and white. You never quite know if what you envision in your sleepy mind is real or imaginary! One time while falling asleep I got a great idea for curing cancer, and then when I woke up I realized that I am not a cancer scientist and that my idea for “how to” do it was more like an idea that “someone should really do it”!

Thanks everyone, I will keep ya posted :cool: