Armholes and neck BO

Hi there. I’m a new knitter. I’ve been knitting for 2 months. I’m starting to make my boy a sweater on a circular needles but I’m now sure about the armholes and the neck BO.

My question is when I BO for the armhole it left me Back and front pieces to work on. when I finish the front piece, how and where do I start with the back piece?

When I bind off for the neck, do i have to work one side of the shouder at the time?

Seem like a silly question but I don’t have a cule to do this. Thanks in advance.

At this point you work the front and back by knitting them flat. Put the back on a spare circular needle or piece of yarn and work the front. Then put the back stitches back on your working needle and do them.

You can work the shoulders at the same time, but will need a strand of yarn for each.

Hope this answers your questions.

One tip–After the shoulder stitches are done, don’t bind them off. Save them on holders so you can do a beeeeutiful 3-needle-bind-off for the seam.:thumbsup:

Thanks a lot for the answer. But I still don’t know how to start the back piece. Do I just have to begin to knit like pick up stitches and sew the yarn where I begin to the sweater?

For the back piece, you’ll slip your needle into the stitches that are on hold. Then, with a new strand, just start knitting. You don’t really have to ‘sew’ anything. You’ll have an end to weave in later.

Thank you so much. You are GREAT. And thank you for the shoulder tip as well. Will post the pic when it’s done. Have a good day!!!