Armhole shaping in lace pattern

I am knitting a cardigan in a diamond lace pattern and have knit myself to the point where I have to start shaping armholes.

I have to bind-off 11 stitches. Easy enough but this puts me halfway into a diamond. As the pattern involves yarn overs with corresponding decreases, should I subtract the decrease for the bound off places where a yarn over would have been?

Am I over thinking this?

Should I just do whatever and make sure that I do the same thing on the front pieces?

Why couldn’t the pattern at least tell me how many stitches I should end with after the armholes are shaped? (Then I feel I could figure it out.)

Please help! (It will be such a pretty sweater-- it’s such yummy yarn.)


Actually, you’ve got the right idea. I did a sweater where the upper part was lacy, and the directions called for me to leave out the last yo of the repeat for the decrease.

I am going to go for it . . . trust my instincts . . . What’s the worst that can happen?

Mistakes are for learning from!

Still I wish the pattern were more clear . . or that I made sure that I understood it completely before I began.