Arm warmers

Here are my finished arm warmers. This is my first DPN & cable project. Working with DPN’s wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be and I look forward to using them again.

The yarn was sent to me by a kind KF member (Thank you), I had never used ‘Noro’ before, but I love it, the way the colours blend… I think it’s gorgeous and wouldn’t love to try more.

There are more photo’s on my blog.


I hope you like them.

I like those a lot - beautiful yarn. I’ve been on a major fingerless glove/wrist warmer kick lately - love the instant gratification!

Very pretty! Love the colors. What pattern is that?

Nice job and I’d like to ask about pattern also as I’ve been inspired here to try a pair of these! What sort of yarn was it? (Like, what is Noro…wool/acrylic blend??)

so cute! and I like the blog too…

Those are very pretty!

Thanks for the nice comments, I’m glad you like the arm warmers,(and my blog)!

The pattern is called ‘Hurry up spring armwarmers’ it’s by Renee Rigdon, and is in the book ‘Stitch & Bitch Nation’. It’s a great quick project, I really was surprised how quick they both turned out.

The pattern calls for; Noro Kureyon, I had Noro wool sent to me, it’s a silk, kidMohair, lambswool mix. It’s lovely to work with and the colour change is great. I have some left over, I’m going to make a little purse to keep my keys in to go with the armwarmers, I’ll try and use the cable pattern that goes up the middle of the arm warmers.

I recommend making these up, quick and easy, even if your a DPN virgin like I was.

Those are really cute!

I also have a fetish for anything that keeps hands warm in any form. The colours are stunning (good work on matching them up too!).

They look great!

Lovely colours, they are gorgeous. I’ve had those on a to-do-list for a while, must get on with it now! How does the kureyon feel by the way?

Great job, Nobones! I see you’ve found your quick and easy project after the gown…:muah:

The yarn feels nice against the skin and in no way scratchy as I first feared.

I have a couple of small projects on the go, which is nicer than just having the same project for 5 months. I’m going to continue with small projects for a while, then at Christmas make a start on ‘Foxy’ by Jaeger. My Dad has said he’ll buy me the yarn as a Christmas present.

I’ve been wearing the armwarmers while doing some tatting, my wrists don’t stay in there sockets and ache a lot, but these armwarmers keep my wrists snug and they don’t ache as much. They’re not really tight or anything, but they are really comfortable. I’m always cold, so I’m glad I made them.

Nice warmer, looks great ! Tks for sharing the pattern.

Dude - that’s what I need to make!! I think they are trying to run a cryo lab here - it’s so @%#$% [COLOR=Blue][B]cold[/B][/COLOR]. Brrr

Wah, that is the pattern (and yarn, and needles) I left on a plane last October. I don’t know what made me take that page out of the book. I meant to make a copy at work, then forgot and had to leave. I thought, “What could go wrong?”

Now I know.

Yours are lovely! I will have to have a friend make a copy for me so I can finally make them.


There is a copy of this pattern on the stitch and bitch website due to corrections. It’s really simply to do, if I can do it anyone can do it.