Arm Hole Shaping?

I am knitting a sweater and I am just beginning to work the back and shape for the arm holes. The pattern reads:

(89 stitches) BO at each side every other row 3,2,1,1 for all sizes, (75 stitches)

Everything worked fine until I got to the end of the first row. I BO off the 3 stitches but then I ended up with 1 stitch stuck at the end by itself. This isn’t right is it? What am I doing wrong?

thx :??


Don’t BO at the end of the row, but the beginning of the WS row.

Thanks. That does make more sense, duh! It was confusing because of the way it said “bind off on both sides.” :cheering:

thanks for your help!


Well you are binding off on both sides, just on different rows.