Arm and neck shaping help

Hi. Back in April I was having trouble with arm shaping. Someone very nice helped me. But I do not actually understand the instructions when I tried so I got frustrated and put my sweater down. Now I am back at it and confused as I was in April. I have reviewed her answers but still do not know what to do.

I have gotten to the part of putting 26 stitches on hold for the right front. Now I don’t know how to proceed with the left side. There are 26 stitches to work now.
I would love some help.
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Good for you for going back to this sweater. You’re almost there.
For now, ignore the 26sts on hold. You’ll get to them later.
You should have 24sts on the needles after working the row that ends with placing sts on a holder. Turn to the wrong side (WS) as if you were at the end of the row and purl the next row.
Now with the right side (RS) facing, follow the instructions for the next 2 rows, the ones marked with blue dots (below), then repeat those 2 rows 4 more times.

For the next section, “Sizes (S,M,L,XL,XXL) only”, follow the directions for the first size in the parentheses, size S. When you’ve completed the directions for this shoulder, the remaining sts will go on a holder and you’ll get back to that first set of sts on hold (the 26sts for the right neck edge).

It does look like you have 26sts on the needles where it should be 24. Just check and make sure there are 26 held sts. Did you work the decreases on the left shoulder before placing the 26 right shoulder sts on hold?

Thank you for your enthusiasm! First of all I am not sure if I worked the decreases on the left shoulder, and yes there are 26 stitches.

Is there a way I can tell?


If you look carefully at the third stitch from the armhole bind off, you should be able to see that two columns of sts below it are merged if you’ve worked the ssk. If you haven’t there will be two columns at the third and fourth sts that proceed neatly up to the loops over your needle.
You can try this out on a swatch to compare with and without the ssk or k2tog.

If you haven’t worked the decreases and it looks from the photo that you may not have, you can tink back till there are two sts on the right needle, work the ssk and then work across to the k2tog. Here’s a video for tinking (knit spelled backwards).

This is the backside. As you see the 26 stitches on the holder. The yarn is still attached.

So. Do I start a new piece of yarn and then tink ? Or is it best to get the 26 back in the main needle and tink ? Or start over (rip out) several rows down.

Your 26sts on hold are fine. Tink back across the 26sts on the needle. The yarn is attached to these sts so you want to take out only this row. You can actually tink back to 2sts before the armhole edge. Those 2 sts represent the k2. Pick up the working strand, ssk, k18, k2tog k2. That’ll take you to the neck edge and give you 24sts on the right hand needle.
Now turn to the purl side and purl back to the armhole edge. You’re ready to start working the rows with the blue dots, a knit decrease row followed by a purl row.

The right side is the 26 stitches on hold. So I don’t have lead yarn to tink the 26 stitches on the left side so I can proceed. The attached yarn is not available. Do you understand - I am probably not being clear.

Can we face time?

Ps. You are so amazing and helpful. Can I get your info. I would like to donate to your for all you do.


See if this helps.

This is the front of the sweater with the RS facing. The right and left shoulders are as you would wear the sweater. After you bind off 6sts at the beginning of the next two rows, the next row is shown in the blue arrow. When you get to the last 26sts (red line) those sts are placed on hold. The working yarn strand is at the end of the blue arrow, at the beginning of the V neck.

If I understand the problem may be that the sts on hold should be on the needle and the sts on the working needle should be on hold. Once you’ve changed these, work across the blue arrow, decrease at the orange slanted lines so you have 26sts instead of 24. If you tink back with the RS facing, you can work that row again with the decreases.

It’s very kind of you to ask to donate. The best thing is to go to the KH Shop, scroll down to the Contact Us link and email Amy & Sheldon or treat yourself to something from the shop. That would support the site. Thank you for your good thought!

Thank you for the diagram. I ripped it out and am beginning from 18 inches. Will knit an inch to 19 then start fresh at armhole and neck shaping.

I can follow this thread with fresh eyes and use the diagram when I get there.

You might hear from me again!!

Thank you so much.


OK, good luck with it. If it’s still not right, do come back and ask. We’d love to see a photo when you finish, too!