Arghhh! I feel so dump!

Why you may ask?
Well, I completed my Klaralund sweater, sewed the sleeves, sewed the body, sewed the sleeves to the body, tried it out…
… :shock: the sleeves,who are supposed to form the sort of v-neck drop down my shoulder!
I couldn’t belief it! Was my calculation wrong? But that can’t be!(not that I’m never wrong, but…)
After a moment of shock(say 5 minutes), I looked at the mirror again…hmm, what’s that line…
I sewed the sleeves wrong side up!!!
Honestly, how dump is that! :wall:

:roflhard: I’m sorry, but that is the kind of thing I’d do. I once sewed a zipper in backwards–twice. :rollseyes: Will you at least be able to repair it?

:frowning: I’m so sorry!! I know you were soooo looking forward to finishing that top!!! You can fix it, right?!
That’s so something I would do :wink: …so don’t feel rained on…happens to all of us!!


Me too!

Comfort to you Javede–just think of it as a learning experience, though I know that probably doesn’t make you feel any better! Are you going to be able to fix it? I hope so! fingers crossed

Oh, I’m sorry javede! I hope you can fix it!

And please post a pic if you do–I love that sweater! :inlove:

LOL. Ingrid… that’s bad… :roflhard:

Thanks for your kind words!
First, yes I was able to fix it. Just had to undo the last seams and sew again(this time with the right site up :wink: ).
And yes, it’s not the first time something like this happened to me…like when I sewed the left sleeve to the right side of my blazer…
Oh well, next time I will double and triple check it :thumbsup:

Yay! :cheering: