I cast on for Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Snowdrop Shawl two days ago, and so far I have had to frog it 5 times already! I keep ending up with two many stitches, which causes the whole pattern to become off-center. I am getting soooo sick of starting over all the time. :!!!: Anyone else have any problems with this pattern or am I just really dense?

I don’t think you’re dense. Lace can be difficult to knit and it’s common to have to frog it a lot. The best thing to do is to use a lifeline and move it up as you work every 10 rows or so. I am doing a lace scarf and I’m moving my lifeline up every pattern repeat which in my case is 12 rows. I’m not sure about the pattern you are talking about though.

I don’t think you’re dense either. The lifeline was the best idea I’ve ever heard. I’m making a lace-like hat/scarf set, and I put one in every pattern repeat. Sometimes I get lazy, and skip one, and don’t you know, every single time I do I screw it up and have to frog back to the last one! :hair:

Thanks for the reassurance, guys! I have started putting in lifelines too, what a marvelous idea. They have actually saved my bacon several times before, namely every time my 21 month old daughter pulled all five needles out of my cable sock. :teehee:

If you really are having problems even after the lifeline, why don’t you send off a quick email to SPM, she may have a tip or 2 for that particular pattern:shrug:

Ooh great idea! Thanks!