Argh! It Finally Happened

I’ve read a number of people post that the cable has pulled out of the connector on their Options. Until now I have felt pretty lucky as it hasn’t happened to me.

I was sitting here working on the final Christmas gift I need to knit and the fracking cable pulled loose. Grrrr.

Naturally KP was very helpful and is going to send me a replacement set of 24" cables, but it’s still irritating, especially since the WIP fell off the needles.

Luckily I was only a few rounds into it and was going to frog it anyway as I wasn’t happy with the way it was looking, but still…

I have to go to the store shortly for groceries anyway and will pick up some super glue while there to reglue the cable into the connector. My other 24" cable is currently holding another WIP so I can’t just switch to it, I’ll have to repair the cable to finish this piece.

Ah well, now that I’ve vented I can get on with things.

What? You didn’t try the magic ‘fix everything’… a little sliver of DUCK TAPE???

Super glue would work better, it’s only 2nd to duct tape for `fixing everything’.

:rofl: Couldn’t tear it that small.

But, you did ‘consider it’ for a moment? :roflhard:

Of course!

Hey, ‘duck tape’ and a ‘hot glue gun’ can solve almost every HOLDING PROBLEM out there!:wink:

Argh, I know what you mean. I’ve only had mine for 2 weeks and I’ve already lost 2 cables. I haven’t contacted them yet. After the first one went, I wanted to see how long it would be until more broke. The answer? Not very long. I’m going to try superglue, but I’m going to have them replaced too because I don’t believe the glue will hold (otherwise wouldn’t KP just put a dab of superglue in there in the first place?)

I agree that the most aggravating part is losing your work off the needles. The first time it happened, it happened at a point with a lot of decreases and about 300sts OTN, so it took more than an hour to get everything back on again.

I’ve had 4 cables come apart and Super glue is only a temporary fix.I had to reglue mine after a while with epoxy glue.Pay good money for these and am sick of them falling apart,even though they replace them.Loosing your stitches sucks !!!

I know what you mean. As much as I like my Options I am seriously considering ordering a set of Denise. As excellent as KP’s customer service is, the quality of the needles themselves is becoming more questionable for me.

I guess I have been very lucky. I haven’t had one break yet. I hope the luck will continue. But I do have Superglue, Duct tape and a glue gun so I am ready. :roflhard: Sorry yours broke. :waah:

Oh “@##$mistletoe*&^” now you all have me totally freaked :pout:

I put the options set on my wish list and Mom hinted that my DH had gotten her to order them for him to give me for Christmas. I [U]opted[/U] for the set based on the poll results and because I only knit on cable needles ( more comfortable ) and nickel tips because I tend to knit fairly tight.

But I have 2 part clear epoxy on hand :blooby:

So sorry to hear of your aggravations with your interchangeables. A wise knitting guy once said that:
" Knitting is meant to relieve stress, not cause it."
I make enough of my own mistakes without adding to them by dodgy cables. I got a Denise set last year for my Christmas and I love them, if anything they are hard work to pull apart when you want to change them!
I’m afraid I’m a pragmatist and if it isn’t working I don’t waste time trying to make it - life is too short and knitting is not a war. Of course you could always use a staple gun and make the dodgy cables into wall art while you log onto Linux and order a Denise set? :rofl:
Hope it works out for you!:mrgreen:


I do like the nickel needles for thir slickness so even if I do order a Denise set I’m sure I’ll still use the Options too. Perhaps ordering several extra sets of cables may be a wise choice at this point.

Beware Oh Knitting Guy, you too are edging ever so near the “abyss of many needles”. :shock:
I have to laugh at any mention of [B][I]a[/I][/B] needle bag. You mean just the “[I][B]one”[/B][/I]??!!! :rofl:
By the way, I love your beanie and intend to pilfer your pattern to my heart’s content over the hols.
Must go now, have to finish my earflap hat while watching Die Hard 4. Chick flicks are for wimps. :wink:

I have completely had it with Options. The first time the needle unscrewed from the cable while I was working on lace, KnitPicks sent me another set by return mail. One of those had a thread that just would not screw onto the cable at all. That was replaced and I was assured that there had been a quality control issue that was not solved. Two days ago it happened again – a long row of yarnovers and k2togs and ssks all hanging in thin air. And yes, I had tightened the join with the little Allen wrench or whatever the thingie is. Enough: I’ll glue the needle to the cable so it will maybe be functional again, but it certainly won’t be interchangeable. I love the slippery needles and flexible cable, but these things are just not engineered right.

It’s back to my old faithful Addis. (The new lace ones are fabulous.)

Mason – if you get the Denise set, be aware that the cables are a bit thick and some people find them sticky. Also, the needles only go down to a size 5. BUT: I have had mine for at least ten years and they have never, ever come apart. I enjoy using them on dk, worsted and bulky yarns. The case they come in is beautifully organized and perfect for travel. And you can now get extra-long cables and extra-fat needles should you need them.

Golly, I hate reading this as I ordered the Options kit. I have been doing some practicing on these, trying to learn the continental method of knitting, and then a few stitch patterns on the 24" cable size so no weight has been involved in the work at all. One side keeps coming out of the needle even though I have tightened it well each time. The other side, so far, is still intact. This concerns me others have experienced this as I was going to use these to begin my next project and I certainly don’t want to lose all the stitches. I do have one Addi-Turbo in the right size but the thought of buying individual needles for different sized projects could be quite an investment. I know I won’t use Super Glue because I have had some rather hysterical experiences with this in the past - like gluing a switch plate I was wallpapering with the super glue to three fingers. Scary. I’ll keep checking what others have to say about the Options as I find this a little disappointing. Thanks for listening.

DON’T order the Denise!!! I have them and really HATE THEM. In fact, I just ordered a set of Options (Christmas gift to myself). The Denise come apart if you just breathe on them. I am so frustrated with them I could SCREAM.

Perhaps this is an issue with ALL interchangable needles. I hope not, I just spent a bundle on the Options:shock:

Just to clarify:

When you tighten the options with the key, they don’t tend to come unscrewed (my Boye would come unscrewed even if you used the tool). HOWEVER, the plastic cable can still come out of the part that screws into the tip.

Good to know that the superglue is only a temporary fix, I e-mailed for replacement cables today and now I feel justified in doing so.

I read somewhere:

  • if it comes apart and it shouldn’t, try duck tape
  • it it doesn’t come apart and it should, try WD-40