ARGH! I made a mistake! How to fix?

Hi all–

Of course, I was talking and knitting at the same time and made a mistake! I’m not 100% sure how I made it; all I know is that I’m knitting something that is 20 stitches wide, and all of a sudden there were 21 stitches on my row. So I tried to just pick up two stitches together…but that seemed to cause another problem… :doh:

Anyways, my question is this: do I have to slowly undo what I’ve done by feeding each stitch back onto the needle (like knitting backwards) OR can I just pull the needle out, rip out a few rows, and then be able to re-insert the needle through the loops? (Does that make sense?)


IMHO you could do either. To me, it would depend on how complicated a pattern it is. Simple, I would jsut frog a row or two. Complex, I’d try to “de-knit” stitch by stitch. Did you check the videos here? Very helpful! And for complex patterns, a life-line can be a life-saver!

If you go to this page: scroll down to “fixing mistakes” and there are several videos on re-inserting your needle. If you’re knitting in stockinette, that’s what I would do. :smiley:


Here’s what I’d recommend: Look at your knitting. Can you see where you gained a stitch? Does it look bad? Could you reasonably pass it off as a design feature? If you squint, does it go away? How does it look at twenty paces?

If it’s barely noticable, I say pick two stitches, knit them together, and move on. :wink:

What I ususally do, unless the yarn is really fine, is to rip down to a row before I want to be and then pull that last one out slowly and insert my needle as the stitches pop out.

Thanks for all the tips! :smiley: I think I fixed it…luckily the yarn I’m using is multicolored, so it hides mistakes well! I just wanted to get it to the point where it wouldn’t unravel.

I guess I learned my lesson–I can’t knit and chat at the same time! :wink: