Argh - bombshell - knittng in round help!

ok so I’m doing bombshell from Big Girl Knits.

I was doing great - then I had to cast on more stitches using the backward loop method. OK so I couldn’t find how to do that at the time so I cast on using another method that worked just fine.

Then I had to join it to start working in the round. I got confused and put the work with the working yarn coming from it to the right side of the circ then continued to follow the pattern.

The next few rows are this: Knit a row, then knit the next row but doing increases then knit the 3rd row. Why then on my knit side of the work do all the stitches look purled?!

Should I have had the working yarn coming from the left needle? Or turned upside down or what?

I can’t post pics right now but will try to later. I’m all confused! :??


To try to explain it a bit better - the knit side is on the outside of the ring, the purl side is on the inside. Should I just unknit the last 1 1/2 rows - the extent of the mistake (I’m scared to take it off the needles in case I take it back too far and can’t pick the stitches back up) and turn it so that the purl side is on the outside?

Are the needles closer to you? They should be.

It sounds like maybe your work is inside out??

yep needles are closer to me - I think the work is inside out =/

OK its definately inside out :doh: at least its only a row and a half.

Is there a simple way to tell, when knitting in the round and joining work that was originally knit flat (as in this case), which side should be out? I’ve wondered about this for socks too - I seem to knit them inside out and have to turn it the right side out to turn the heel.

This sweater has me very confused - totally not seeing how I could have known what was the right side and what was the wrong side to have out. Can anyone help with an easy guide to knowing? :??

Whenever I have done this, I have made sure that the knit stitches are facing me, and then I join, making sure that as i am knitting the knit stitches are again matching the ‘flat’ stitches. Clear as mud?


OK I have the knit side facing me. I think I should have left the working yarn on the left needle and not switched it over to the right needle. I am pretty sure this is where I went wrong and that by doing this I inverted the work.

I think you’ve got it figured out. When you start a row flat, the working yarn is on your left needle, so it should be there when you start a round, too.

Thanks Ingrid… tonight is unknit night and then try again!

and thank you everyone else too =D

I spent about an hour or so unknitting the stitches (there are a lot of stitches) but I didn’t want to take it off the needles - that would have been a disaster! Anyway, I kept the working yarn on the left and carried on. I’m glad to say thankfully its working phew

:cheering: :cheering: