Are you ready for some football?!

I plan to watch – with either my cardigan or wicked sweater project in hand! GO BEARS!!!

You forgot to ask about those of us who don’t care much about football! :teehee:

What’s football? :??


Going on 23 out of 23 Superbowls that I have never seen.

Football: It has a team of 11 players (mainly men) who kick a ball about with their feet - at least, that’s what I’ve been told.

Americans do this differently, their football is thrown about by hand.

A question I’ve always wanted to ask - why do American footballers use such heavy mascara?- it runs right below their eyes - has it anything to do with some sort of animal charity, supporting raccoons or somesuch?


I’ve not missed a superbowl since its inception. No comment about age here either…lol I’m planning on knitting the dragon scarf to help the colts beat the bears!

what? some don’t care about football?!?! :teehee:

actually, I originally had an option for non-watchers – and for some reason, it didn’t show up! :?? i guess it means that not watching ISN’T an option! :teehee: :hug:

I think i am going to watch and knit at the same time.

But… it’s winter! The fotball season hasn’t sta- Oh right. The American kind. XD I have NO oppinion. :shrug:

I’m in the ‘IDGARA about football’ group.

[size=2]for those who don’t know, IDGARA = I don’t give a rats ass[/size]

Well I don’t know about the American kind, but regular football? At the VERY least you can give a rats ass about the players. I totally :heart: the 2006 German National Squad (- even though they beat us :crying:) Mmmmm King Ballack and the German boy harem :inlove:

I second that!! I will probably be playing WoW the whole time. I didn’t even know who was in the Super bowl till a friend told me last night.

Woohoo! Go Bears!

As a knitter from Indy, I have to support the Blue. In fact, not only will I be wearing a Colts jersey, I will be knitting a pair of blue socks (although that is completely coincidental).


20 out of 20 for meeeee! Though I did sit in the same room as a TV playing the Superbowl my first year of college. I had a book, so it was okay. :teehee:

Exactly. :doh: :teehee:

go bears! :cheering:

CV and kid will be watching, and I will be knitting. I plan to finish the v.2 Pirates hat today. wish I had more fundage so I could hit up the sale at the LYS.

Yay!!! Fellow Indy’er!!! (I used to live in Indy, but got transferred out here to VA for work)

[size=7]GO COLTS!!1!@#!!@!![/size][/color]

I watch some of it. But my Mom & I (and puppy Greta) are going to head to “old town” area of our “village” and do some window shopping.

Leave the men (my Dad and his dog Jake) home to watch it.

Exactement. My adorable DH had to get on the computer to find what channel it was on (just out of curiousity coz we didn’t know) and turns out we don’t even get that channel.
HA. And don’t care. but I am making jalapeno poppers.

P.S. I left the midwest to get away from football.