Are You A Yarn Snob?

ooops, almost wrote “yarn snot” :roflhard:

I’m still new, but I’m assuming a “yarn snob” is someone who would use anything but the finest yarn, and no doubt cringes at most of the stuff at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and buys only the expensive stuff from the LYS?!?

OK. So ARE you a yarn snob?

I guess I’d have to consider myself a yarn snob. It’s not a matter of principal, though. It’s just become a matter of preference. I don’t like knitting with the cheaper acrylics because I don’t like the way they feel in my hands and on my needles–not because I think they’re not any good.

I guess I would say yes. But mainly because my preference is for natural fibers.

Oh and it doesn’t have to be expensive like you say. There are lots of good deals to be had.

I agree with Iggy. I dont dislike Red Heart because it is cheaper, I dislike it because it feels awful in my hands.

I buy yarn everywhere. Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics, ONLINE, and of course my LYS. I prefer wool and wool blends. There are acrylics in my stash, but they feel wonderful. I’m knitting a bag with Plymoth Encore Mega right now.

but yes… to answer simply, I am a snob. :oops:

Not really. I would love to knit with natural fibers more, or cashmere blends, but my budget doesn’t allow that, and I’d rather knit with cheap yarn than not knit at all!

By your criteria, no I’m not a snob, although I do prefer natural fibers but you don’t mention a fiber preference as snobbish. I will buy yarns like Patons Classic Merino, LB Wool-Ease, Caron SS, Bliss and Moda Dea Dream from Michael’s and AC Moore.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

No…but I’ve not tried anything other than cheap yarn yet as I’m still learning. :oops:

I wish there was a maybe section, I would use the “cheaper” brands to test out a project, and then use the nice yarns for a finalized product, but I know that would take way 2 much time and effort to do. So I generally go with a nicer yarn.

btw does knitpicks yarn be considered a snobby yarn?

I politely decline to knit with plastic, so probably I am.

I can’t really answer that based on only two choices. I would be more of a yarn snob if I could afford it, but I can’t so I deal with cheaper stuff. However RHSS is out no matter what…too scratchy feeling.

I wouldn’t say I’m a yarn snob. I use Caron’s Simply Soft and other less expensive brands you can find at Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby. I’ll grab generic brand yarns when they show up at my local Dollar Tree. If it feels nice in my hands, it doesn’t matter so much to me what the specific fiber content is. It’s all about how it feels. If it feels nice on my skin and only costs $3 a skein, it’s all good.

I voted yes although I don’t really consider myself a snob per se. I don’t think less of someone who uses acrylics but I just don’t like handling them myself. As several others have already said, the feel of acrylic gives me the creepy crawlies.

Another thing about acrylic I don’t like is the fact that it has a cold, clammy feeling to it. It doesn’t hold warmth the way natural fibers do. Sometimes I find myself wishing that I did like acrylics more though because I can’t wear wool next to my body because of the itch factor.

I am. I only like to knit with wool, wool blends, or cotton. I use Red Heart for my crocheted afghans, because it’s cheaper, though. :shrug:

I definitely have to say no for two reasons:

  1. Some less expensive wools seem to felt very well.
  2. Expensive yarn goes to waste on those who don’t knit exceptionally well (finger pointing to self.)

Nope. I use acrylics or cotton. There are some really nice (and cheap) acrylics out there. I absolutely hate the feel of rough yarn, so most Red Heart stuff is out. That being said, their soft yarn is one of my favorites. It’s cheap, soft, and washable.

I, too, by far prefer natural-fiber yarns. And for that matter, those dyed with natural dyes. But I am a naturopath/nutritionist and avoid chemical substances in all areas of my life. For me, it is a matter of being cohesive and consisant in my life.


I didn’t start out a yarn snob, but then I discovered alpaca and its been downhill from there… I found angora and it was all over. Definite snob. If it isn’t 100% natural fiber, it’d dang well better be at least 50% something REALLY nice. but, as a lot of other people mentioned, its just because I really don’t like the feel of most acrylics. There are some that I like, but mostly, no. And the ones I like, typically cost more than I can afford. (College kid budget, I save up for two weeks to afford a scarf)

I’m not a yarn snob. Although I like to knit with expensive yarn once in a while, I also knit with not that expensive acrylic and cotton. It depends on how much money I was able to save, what I’m knitting for (if I’m knitting a sweater that has to be warm, I’ll probably use acrylic, since I’m allergic to wool and acrylic is the warmest substitution) etc. I’ve once used really expensive yarn, but I got that for my birthday. I must say, that knits like heaven, but since I also want to make winterstuff (mostly make winterstuff) and I’m still a student, I can’t always use expensive yarns.

My name is Susan and I . . . . am a Yarn Snob.

There I said it.

Now is there a 12 step program or something I join? :teehee:

I have never bought yarn at JoAnn’s or Michaels. :shrug: I do go in every now and then and look at the yarn because I am in there for something else and well, if there is yarn somewhere, then I have to at least look.

The acrylic content of the yarns I buy are in the novelty yarns I use and they can be more expensive than the natural fibers. :doh:

The ladies at the 3 (yes, I can reasonably quickly get to 3) LYS in my area look happy when I come in the door. (I’ve even managed to make the one lady who doesn’t look happy most of the time look reasonable happy when I come in.)

I have a large stash and some of it comes from my mom who is not as much of a yarn snob and so there are acrylic blends (which seem to remain forever in my stash.)

I have paid $44 dollars for a skein of cashmere that only made 2 wrist warmers. (It was only once and I think I was so hypnotized by the colors that I didn’t see the price. :zombie: )

Ok, now that I have come clean with you all – can I still come over and play?




My name is Ginny and I am a Schaefer yarn addict…

I scour e-bay for Schaefer yarn deals
I go to my LYS to just touch and drool over the colors and fibers
Some times I go to my yarn stash to just hold my skeins of Schaefer yarn and day dream about what I could knit if I could only affor a “few more skeins”