Are the needles long enough?

I have completed 4, working on my 5th, project. Very simple scarfs…usually casting on 18-22 stiches. When a pattern calls for casting on 80 or 90 stiches…how do they fit on your needles? I am using size 11 and they do not seem long enough to hold that many stiches. What am I missing?

just scrunch them on. you can get longer needles if they truly won’t fit but otherwise just scrunch them on.

also try working on circular needles. the work can fall down onto the cord so there is lotsa room AND you don’t have to worry about a dropped needle rolling under the sofa! :wink:

The longer straights can hold quite a few stitches, but I’m with brendajos in using circulars as straights. They hold lots of stitches, are more manageable than long ones and are multipurpose if you want to use them in the round, too.