Are hank and skein the same the same thing?

I’m working on a glossary for beginners on my website and can’t find a clear definition of the difference between these 2 terms. Are “hank” and “skein” interchangeable?

I think they are sometimes used interchangeably, but I consider a hank the twisted type like this:

and a skein the kind that you pull the yarn from the end of:

Perfect! Thank you. :hug:

“hank” and “skein” used to be virtually interchangeable - but then commercial yarns began to be put up in “center pull skeins” the typical log-shaped center pull items found in discount stores…and terms have been confusing ever since.

Thanks, M. I’m glad I’m not the only one confused. :thumbsup:

When in doubt look it up in the Oxford English Dictionary…it is rather explicit and exact in it’s true meanings of words. Might be more useful then researching what’s commonly being used erroneously.

Looks like they are interchangeably used, yet they are NOT the same word. Skein referring to the rather loose coils of yarn specifically. And Hank referrs to many materials coiled and gathered.
So a Skein is a hank (of yarn/thread) yet a hank isn’t nescesarily a Skein. Isn’t the English language deliciously deceptive and confusing?
heh heh

For more info on yarn classification, see my web page about it