Are gloves hard to knit?

hi!! i’m new here…hahaha

and new to knitting…making a ribbed scarf atm thats looking quite good…and now am interested in try to make basic gloves (or fingerless) :XX:

but just wondering am i being too ambitious??? are they hard?

reading a vogue pattern, sounds difficult, and it says the pattern is for intermediate knitters…how is that defined?

:oops: sori bout all the questions!

Welcome to the boards :slight_smile:

I have never knitted gloves, but I imagine them to be a bit like socks; a little tricky but very rewarding!

I have done a number of mittens and some fingerless gloves and they are pretty easy. Actually easier than socks and since they are usually knit in a worsted weight wool, a pretty fast knit as well. I have never done gloves but I imagine they are done much the same as mittens. The only thing would be you would need to place all the stitches on a stitch holder and go back to knit each finger individually. So tedious but not hard.

I would think gloves are akin to mittens, which are easy. You also could think about holding your resting stitches with scraps of contrasting yarn.


i actually knit a pair of fingerless gloves as my first non-scarf item, and i think it was a great project to learn more skills on. i knit them flat and then sewed up all the seams.

I use this customizable pattern for all of my fingerless gloves :smiley:

I recently made these and they are pretty easy. And pretty easy to alter, if you want all the fingers, or all half fingers or fingerless.

I really enjoyed making them and they knit up nice and quick. :slight_smile:

amethyst_bb, I’m so glad you asked this question. I’ve recently started making socks, and was wondering how much harder it would be to make mittens or gloves. I have a cute pattern in one of my books, and now I’m not afraid to give it a try. :smiley:

Frisky kittie, I love your picture.