Are cotton baby blankets okay in the dryer?

I am an addicted beginner. I was told yesterday at the local yarn shop that I should use acrylic instead of cotton yarn for a baby blanket because anything knitted with cotton cannot be tossed in the dryer and will not air dry in our tropical climate. I would much rather give cotton blankets than acrylic. Must I use acrylic? Thanks! Sandi

Cotton cannot be dried in a dryer or air dried?? :?? I’ve heard you’re not supposed to use dryer sheets with cotton, but I’ve never heard that you can’t air dry them or put them in the dryer. Whenever I hear something that I doubt, I just go by what the yarn label indicates. After all, don’t people make dish clothes out of cotton yarn? They are wet and dried constantly, no?? :thinking: Baby blankets blankets are washed and handled so often, so perhaps they meant to recommed acrylic over cotton because acrylic is so durable.

Just a thought…

I’ve tossed my hand-knit, cotton, baby blanket in the washing machine and have air-dried it without a problem. I’m sure I could toss it in the dryer too. Why not knit a swatch and test it out?

Good luck!

I think the only concern is that sometimes cotton shrinks in the dryer… but if a blanket shrinks, it will still “fit” right??? Knit a swatch, measure it, then soak it down, toss in the dryer, and measure it again, and see what the percentage of shrinkage is; that will give you an idea of if it will work or not.

Just knit it bigger than normal so if it does shrink it’ll be OK. Did that make sense?