Are all wools created equal?

Hi there,

I’m sure this is probably a really stupid question, but are some wools better than others?

I started knitting last week and was using some wool that my ‘teacher’ (sister-in-law) gave me, which I then ran out of. I picked up some cheap double-knit wool from a department store, and now find I am having problems with my knitting that I wasn’t having before. Is it the wool or me???

Thanks :oops:

i don’t think they are but it isn’t really about price.

what kind did you start with and what did you get?

There is very good reason why you can buy wool for $2 and why you can buy other wool for $20. So no, they are not created equal.

Are you talking about wool, though, or yarn? Yarn is made of many different things, so that could be your issue, too.

All wools are definitely not created equal. You can buy wool on sale at the craft store for $4, and it is nothing like the really luscious, high quality wools you pay a bit more for elsewhere.

I think it’s worth it to spring for the better yarns – it makes your experience more enjoyable. You will love the finished product more, too.

Oh sorry, in New Zealand we call all yarn wool, even if it’s not actually made out of wool.

I don’t know what I had before, but I brought 'Elle family knit Double knit , 100% courtelle.

What type of wool/yarn would you recommend for a beginner?

Not eyelash or other fancy/unusual (like the really slubby) yarns. They make seeing what you’re doing so much more difficult.

If you’re a raw beginner and don’t even have a regular tension yet, you might pick up a worsted weight inexpensive acrylic just to have something you aren’t afraid you’re going to ruin. Something you won’t feel badly about throwing away.

If you’re not THAT new to knitting, then I’d say the choice of yarn depends more on what you’re making and your budget than on your expertise.