Aran Sweater - Sleeve Help!

I’m knitting my DH an Aran sweater from Men in Knits. Since DH’s birthday is coming up, I thought I’d finish his Aran sweater that was supposed to be completed a year ago!

And, here is where I’m stuck:

Beginning at inner corner of armhole notch, pick up and knit 72 stitches from one armhole notch to the other. On the next row (WS), work as follows: pm between st panels were indicated: Work 32 sts seed st, pm, k2, p4, k2, pm, work 32 sts seed st. On the next row, work 32 sts seed, 8 sts from Row 1 of sleeve cable chart, 32 seed st.

Here are the questions:

  1. I don’t understand the first sentence of the instructions. If I pick up stitches from one armhole notch to the other, aren’t I closing up the armhole?

  2. Do the following sentences of the instructions equate to me starting at the top of the shoulder and work my way down and then up?


It sounds like you’re picking up stitches to knit the sleeve in the round from the top down to the wrist. Many Aran sweaters are knit that way.

Even if the sleeve is knit flat, you won’t close the armhole, but you will be attaching the top of the sleeve to the sweater.